The Tesla in Space: Art or Travesty?

op-ed | Mark Whittington
IN SPACE - FEBRUARY 8: In this handout photo provided by SpaceX, a Tesla roadster launched from the Falcon Heavy rocket with a dummy driver named "Starman" heads towards Mars. (Photo by SpaceX via Getty Images)

The reactions of Lakdawalla and her friends seem to be colored by PC culture.

The NASA Support Problem Is So Big It's Breaking The Stratosphere

op-ed | Mark Whittington
NASA sign at Cape Canaveral, Kennedy Space Center with blue cloudy sky background.

Sen. Nelson has escalated his war against President Trump’s space program by vowing to fight a key element of that effort.

Will The Next War Start In Space?

Opinion | Joe Alton

For the human race, the final frontier might really be final, and it’s just outside our atmosphere.

Trump Vows To 'Unlock The Mysteries Of Space' In Inauguration

Energy | Andrew Follett
President-elect Donald Trump: REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

We’re ‘ready to unlock the mysteries of space’

China's New Space Plan Aims To Expand Country's 'Size And Strength'

Energy | Andrew Follett
Astronaut on meteor holding the Chinese flag (Shutterstock/koya979)

‘NASA should be focused primarily on deep-space activities’

'Christmas Star' May Have Been A Black Hole Eating Star

Energy | Andrew Follett
Traditional Christian Christmas Nativity scene with the three wise men (Shutterstock/Christos Georghiou)

Giving off 570 billion times more light than the sun

Chinese Astronaut Reveals Inexplicable Sound He Heard In Space

World | Ryan Pickrell
Astronaut Zhai Zhigang of China holds the national flag after exiting the Shenzhou VII space craft in this September 27, 2008 video grab. Zhai became the first Chinese man to walk in space on Saturday, clambering out of the space craft in a technological feat that Beijing wants the world to marvel about. REUTERS/CCTV via Reuters TV.

Mysterious knocking

EXCLUSIVE: This Video Game Predicted Exact Location Of 'Second Earth' By 20 Years

Tech | Andrew Follett

It accurately predicted several details of Proxima b in the real universe

SpaceX Rocket Launch Goes All Wrong

Tech | Andrew Follett
A remodeled version of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifts off at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on the launcher’s first mission since a June failure in Cape Canaveral, Florida, December 21, 2015. The rocket carried a payload of eleven satellites owned by Orbcomm, a New Jersey-based communications company. The first stage returned to land following launch. REUTERS/Joe Skipper

SpaceX plans to use a similar rocket to launch a human into space in October 2017

NASA Astounded The Physics-Defying 'Warp Drive' Works

Tech | Andrew Follett
Interstellar spaceship leaving Earth as a 3D concept for futuristic deep space travel for sci-fi backgrounds. Elements of this image furnished by NASA. (Shutterstock/3000ad)

‘People all around the world have been measuring thrust’

No Aliens After All: The Mysterious Signal Was Actually Space Commies

World | Andrew Follett
A man waering a Red Army uniform holds a Soviet flag during celebrations to mark Victory Day at the Soviet War Memorial near the Reichstag building, in Tiergarten district of Berlin, Germany, May 9, 2015. (REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch)

‘Emanating from an [old] Soviet military satellite’

Forget Global Warming, Astronomers Think Planet X Is The True Destroyer Of Worlds

Energy | Andrew Follett
Planetary system visible with a distant planet and a dense disk of dust in equatorial plane. (Shutterstock/Diego Barucco)

‘Could fundamentally change the fate of the solar system’

Astronauts Exit 'Mars Dome,' Are They Ready To Explore Another World?

Tech | Andrew Follett
An artist's depiction of a team of astronauts performing work on a space station while orbiting above the surface of Mars. Elements of this image furnished by NASA. (Shutterstock/Marc Ward)

‘The technological and psychological obstacles can be overcome’

Astronomers Detect Mysterious Signal In Deep Space

Energy | Andrew Follett
Satellite dish view at night with milky way in the sky. (

It took more power to generate than humans will be capable of producing for the next 200 years

EXCLUSIVE: Here's What Life On The Newly-Discovered 'Second Earth' Would Probably Look Like

Energy | Andrew Follett
Green alien tourist goes on cheap holiday relaxing in beach chair with tropical drink (Shutterstock/lazyllama)

‘Would be a different color, perhaps blue, perhaps red, perhaps even black.’

NASA Astronaut Breaks Record, Stays In Space For 521 Days

Energy | Andrew Follett
A depiction of the Space Shuttle docked at the International Space Station orbiting Earth. - Elements of this image furnished by NASA (Shutterstock/Marc Ward)

When he returns to Earth, he will have logged 534 days off the planet

Here's The Scientific Evidence There's A 'Second Earth' Close By

Energy | Andrew Follett

‘A planet next door. How much more inspiring can it get?’

China: We're Sending A Rover To Mars In 2020

Tech | Andrew Follett
Concept portrayal of China's Mars rover and lander released on August 23, 2016 by lunar probe and space project center of Chinese State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence. (China Daily/via REUTERS)

Hopefully the rover isn’t Made In China