DARPA Is Building A New Space Plane For The Pentagon

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘It would be a spacecraft that most resembles what people see in the movies’

US Army's Hypersonic Space Weapon Self-Destructs Seconds After Launch

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‘Due to an anomaly, the test was terminated near the launch pad shortly after lift-off’

NASA Releases AWESOME Footage Of Its Flying Saucer Near-Space Test Flight

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New system uses atmospheric drag to glide through entry

Reality TV Will Choose The First 'Mars One' Crew To The Red Planet

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Mars One
Audience may reportedly be a part of the selection process

Your Body As A Dead Star, Explained

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‘We are dead stars looking back up at the sky’

NASA's New Moon Lander Successfully Lands Itself In Test

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New lander could deploy robots, rovers and labs on moons and asteroids

Watch This One-Minute Video To Take A Tour Of Almost 2,000 Alien Worlds

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‘I find it fascinating just how much these exoplanetary systems differ from our own system in scale’

Drone flying through fireworks or satellite through space?

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Incredible high-def footage

Google and NASA team up to build autonomous space robots

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘This is a really interesting opportunity for us’

Don't get crushed by the falling van-sized satellite on Sunday night

Tech | Josh Peterson
Still image from video shows the trail of a falling object above a residential apartment block in the Urals city of Chelyabinsk

The chances of a person being hit by it are slim, but seriously, watch yourself

76-year-old Russian spacewoman ready for one-way trip to Mars

Politics | Elizabeth Dorton
Space Station

‘Most likely the first flight will be one way’

Study: Sex in space could be deadly

Tech | Josh Peterson
Sex In Space

Sex in space has been a matter of curiosity and speculation for years

Mars group looking for people who want to leave Earth and never come back - TheDC

Tech | Josh Peterson
A view of Mars. AP Photo/NASA.

Likely death trap definitely a very cool experience

Secret space plane shatters orbital record as Chinese rival looms [VIDEO] - Wired

Tech | InternAdmin

Test vehicle spent more than 15 months in space, with only speculation about its official mission

Hawaii telescope sees what could be oldest galaxy - AP

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Cosmic Crash

Seeing distant galaxies is akin to looking back into time.

China announces plans to dock manned spacecraft with space station - CNN

Tech | Josh Peterson
China Space

This will be China’s first crew expedition involving manual docking.

Russia and Japan take aim for the moon - Mashable

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Kazakhstan Russia Space Station

Head of Russian space agency: ‘We’re talking about establishing permanent bases’

Devastating solar storms to affect Earth, space weather expert says - LA Times

Tech | Josh Peterson
Solar Storm

Devastating solar storms to affect Earth, space weather expert says