Big Cable Wants To Stop Technological Innovation

Opinion | Mike Wendy
It can’t just come out and say, “Because LTE-U is better than our service, we are opposing it.”

TV Execs Donate To Dem Lawmaker, Get Million-Dollar FCC Rule Exception

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
'The timing of the campaign donations is very suspicious'

The least efficient part of government

Feature:Opinion | Scott Cleland
Spectrum management is the least efficient part of the federal government.

1G government in 4G world

Opinion | Scott Cleland
Change is hard, especially for the federal government.

Arbitrary spectrum policy

Opinion | Scott Cleland
The FCC is picking market winners and losers again.

The new U.S. ppectrum policy has big problems

Opinion | Scott Cleland
This new Memorandum is a part of a broader Administration wireless industrial policy to pick winners and losers.

DOJ Joins FCC in picking wireless winners and losers

Opinion | Scott Cleland
Never mind the FCC’s own analysis shows the U.S. market is the most competitive it has ever been.

The looming government spectrum scandal

Opinion | Scott Cleland
This resource mismanagement problem has been festering behind-the-scenes for decades.

America's Real Wireless Problem Isn't Too Little WiFi

Opinion | Scott Cleland
It is scandalous that America's most valuable 21st century natural resource, spectrum, is still bureaucratically-hoarded

Washington Post free WiFi story 'almost entirely fiction,' says analyst

Politics | Josh Peterson
WaPo said Sunday that a plan by the FCC was in place to create a free WiFi 'super network'

This Season, give consumers the gift of spectrum

Opinion | Zack Christenson
Government inaction is hampering the growth of the wireless market

The US government's obsolete and dysfunctional spectrum management

Opinion | Scott Cleland
There is no accountable federal manager of radio spectrum.

U.S. falling behind the world in auctioning broadband spectrum

Opinion | Scott Cleland
Other leading economies clearly have grasped and responded to the urgent need to auction more government spectrum, because they appreciate data demand is relentlessly ~doubling annually.

The U.S. government's obsolete and wasteful spectrum hoarding and rationing

Opinion | Scott Cleland
Is there anything special about spectrum as a natural resource that requires the Government to dominate its use and uses? No.

FCC Showcases Its Growing Obsolescence

Opinion | Scott Cleland
The FCC is clinging to obsolete technology and competitive assumptions

If communications policy were a campaign issue

Opinion | Randolph May
Deregulatory, free market-oriented communications policies can spur job creation and investment, help grow the economy, and increase productivity.

Verizon Wireless looks to sell unused spectrum for billions of dollars

Tech | Josh Peterson
Verizon Wireless denied in a statement that its plan to sell unused spectrum had anything to do with the FCC review.

NTIA says gov't and mobile could share some spectrum

Tech | Josh Peterson
However, moving the federal agencies from the spectrum could cost billions of dollars and take a decade,

FCC has impeded wireless operators from getting the spectrum they need

Opinion | Neil Stevens
To know whether the FCC has managed to get idle spectrum in use, all we have to do is look at the "D Block."

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