Bootleggers And Baptists: Time To Cut Spending In Washington

op-ed | Ron Hart
There are so many areas the government could cut waste

Congress Can Save Taxpayers Billions By Closing Unneeded Bases

op-ed | Ross Marchand
Hawks and doves alike can agree that maintaining useless bases is a bad idea.

FACT CHECK: Is Climate Change A 'Bigger Fiscal Issue' Than Entitlements?

Politics | Emily Larsen
The scale of entitlement spending, in fact, dwarfs it.

The NDAA Is Fatally Flawed And Threatens National Security

Opinion | Cesar Conda
There is no place for Elizabeth Warren and her dangerous, liberal provisions in the NDAA.

Remember When Republicans Were Conservative?

Opinion | Sen. Rand Paul
The GOP has caved on the debt ceiling one too many times.

Don't Bring Back Earmarks

Opinion | Jason Pye
They are little more than handouts to special interests.

A $700 Billion Peacetime Deficit Is A Catastrophe

Opinion | James O'Brien
It's not too late to turn things around -- but soon it might be.

Infrastructure: Competition Trumps Cronyism

Opinion | Bonner Cohen
Eliminating necessary regulations would help fix our trillion-dollar infrastructure problem.

Republicans Should Stick To Their Principles, Even When Dealing With California Democrats

Opinion | Peter Ferrara
Crony capitalism is bad, even when it's supported by those on the right.

Medicare Part D: Market-Facing And Overwhelmingly Successful

Opinion | Neil Siefring
We need spending and entitlement reform, but failing programs should be cut first.

The Delusion That's Bankrupting America

Opinion | Alan Keyes
Trump's budget doesn't even include absolute cuts. It just slows the rate of spending increases.

President Trump's Growth Budget

Opinion | Larry Kudlow
We're finally talking workfare over welfare, and the left is screaming.

No More For MOX

| Pete Sepp and Danielle Brian
It's a raw deal for American taxpayers.

Fiscal Conservatism Is An Illusion In Today's Politics

Opinion | Jerrod Laber
We"re witnessing the same borrowing and spending policies that we've had for more than half a century.

Budget-Whiners Are Pernicious Pests

Opinion | Scott Weiser
Government that governs from a position as close to those governed as possible is best.

This Is Why Economic Recovery Has Been So Weak

Opinion | David Weinberger
The state can spend only what the private sector produces, and it misallocates those resources.

Trump: A New Sheriff Against Wasteful Spending?

Opinion | Joanne Butler
All those involved in wasting taxpayer dollars should beware.

Maryland College President Defends Lavish Expense Account, Including Plane Upgrades, Private Car Service

Education | Heather Hunter
'The fact she has all this money is ridiculous'

Leave Politics Outside Of National Parks

Opinion | Ryan Yonk
National Park Service bureaucrats often respond to political pressures from interest groups to the exclusion of properly managing their parks.

The Disaster In Louisiana Calls For A Measured Response From Congress

Opinion | Neil Siefring
Capitol Hill is oriented to fueling the status quo with federal dollars, and the opportunity for increasing federal funding is often too easy for lawmakers to pass up.

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