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NBA referee calls foul, sues over AP reporter's tweet - St. Paul Pioneer Press

The suit alleges that an AP reporter intended to imply that veteran ref Bill Spooner ‘[made] a false officiating call’ on behalf of the Minnesota Timberwolves

ESPN analyst Jalen Rose levies 'Uncle Tom' charge against black Duke players - TheDC

Former University of Michigan star accuses Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski of recruiting only a certain type of player in ‘Fab Five’ anniversary documentary

NFL, union head to CBA deadline day Thursday - AP

As NFL negotiations wind down, there are far more questions than answers

DHS, NBA team up for another questionable layer of security - TheDC

Sports leagues won’t say much about NBA and DHS ‘If You See Something, Say Something’ campaign

Sumo scandal weighs heavily in Japan - AP

Sumo scandal widens, wrestlers admit match fixing

Hottest homewreckers of all time [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

Here are the women who bring out the wrecking ball and will stop at nothing to get the man they want, married or not

Top 10 Super Bowl beer commercials [VIDEO] - TheDC

Here, we pay homage to the ten best beer commercials of late

Vick gets first post-prison endorsement deal - Philadelphia Daily News

Michael Vick is not under contract with any NFL team for 2011, but he has landed his first paid endorsement deal since getting out of prison

SI Swimsuit models in movies [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

As Brooklyn Decker gets ready to face the critics, we pay tribute to her fellow cover girls who have also graced the big screen

In New York, sports teams’ losing comes naturally - NYT

The Mets have won exactly two World Series in half a century, their last a tidy 25 years back

Texas Longhorns and ESPN settle on TV deal - AP

ESPN and the University of Texas Longhorns have reached a $300 million network deal

Jets play nice, praise Roethlisberger - NY Daily News

The biggest, strongest, toughest quarterback of them all stands in the way now, but the Jets are remaining calm

Colin Cowherd: The United States of Brady [VIDEO] - TheDC

On a segment titled, ‘The Best QB’s left in the playoffs: Mix and Match,’ ESPN’s Colin Cowherd reveals his enormous man crush on Tom Brady

Fanatical fans: Pro sports team's finest [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

Meet the ten most fanatical fan bases to ever root for their team

Kobe says he is not the Lakers leak - USA Today

If the Lakers locker room is leaking like a sieve, Bryant makes it clear he’s not the source

Bryant, Jackson exchange passive-aggressive criticisms - SB Nation

Kobe took 22 shots in the game; no other Laker, and after the beatdown, Jackson seemed to blame Kobe’s selfishness for the loss

Predictions about Phillies, Orioles, trades and breakout stars - SI

Here are Joe Sheehan’s baseball predictions for the 2011 season

Cable TV dispute threatens Penn State-Fla. game - AP

Viewers could fall victim to a long-running feud in the TV industry over cable fees

The NFL has decided to punt - NY Post

NY Post: The league let Brett Favre off with a slap on the wrist yesterday

Most controversial women in sports 2010 [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

Whether athletes, sideline reporters or WAGs, babes of every shape and size were marred in controversy