The Nerdification Of America

Opinion | John Steigerwald
Attendees play video games in the Square Enix booth at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, in Los Angeles

Yep, people who play pretend versions of sports are now officially being considered athletes

Basketball Game Ends In All Out Brawl [VIDEO]

Sports | Jane Bartlett Pappas

Let’s get ready to rumble!

This QB's Incredible Trick Shot Will Leave You Wondering If It's Even Real

Sports | Seth Richardson

Forget about soccer for a minute

Which team has the hottest cheerleaders? Carolina Panthers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Slideshow | Jake Harris

Before you watch the game, check out our slideshow

Crusading journalist decides America should get rid of high school sports

Education | NPR
high school football. Photo: Getty Images

USA should be more like economic powerhouses ‘Finland and Korea’

Student suspended for tweeting that school sports teams were bad - TheDCNF

Education | Robby Soave

Class president accused of ‘cyberbullying’

Dwarf firefighter benches 285 pounds, inspires community

US | David Daniels

‘A lot of doctors have told me I can’t do different exercises, but it’s not them doing it, it’s me’

New Zealand nudist jogger wins court case, can run naked - TheDC

Sports | Laura Byrne
New Zealand jogger now allowed to run naked AFP/Getty

Man caught trotting in only his shoes, now can shake a leg legally

What a sell-out: How ticketing companies deny our property rights and monopolize markets

Opinion | Suhail Khan

Restrictive ticketing prevents people from exercising basic ownership rights.

What sports teach us about failure

Opinion | Jim Huffman

We can’t always win.

Top 10: Sexiest women of Wimbledon [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

Feature:Slideshow | Holly Bensur
Klara Zakopalova

To celebrate The Championships, Wimbledon 2012 kicking off today, we think it’s important for all of you to know to look out for the hottest women players

Little league coaches attack umpire after game [VIDEO] - FOX 59

Sports | InternAdmin
Little League tussle

Two coaches for losing team refuse to accept defeat

Home-plate ump eats dirt [VIDEO] - TheDC

Sports | Holly Bensur

Derryl Cousins tries to follow a ball, accidentally trips over a foot

Will the NHL take over the New Jersey Devils? - TheDC

Sports | Holly Bensur
Stanley Cup Finals Devils Kings Hockey

NHL denies allegations in New York Post report

The 25 best animations in the history of sports [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

Feature:Slideshow | Holly Bensur
The ref is supposed to call the penalties, not make them

25 of the best sports bloopers and plays for your entertainment on a continuous loop

Rome's 2020 Olympic bid scrapped by Monti - AP

Sports | admin

‘It would be an irresponsible use of taxpayer money to fund the Olympic project’

Sports minister: Spain has doping problem - AP

Sports | InternAdmin
Spain Cycling Contador Doping.JPEG

‘We have every intention of making sure Spain’s anti-doping law conforms with WADA’s anti-doping code’

College football coaches getting paid more - USA Today

Sports | interns
Florida St Clemson Football

As schools tighten budgets, football coaches salaries expand

ERIC MCERLAIN: Bryant Gumbel, David Stern and the television ratings game - TheDC Sports

Opinion | Eric McErlain

Why Gumbel is probably enjoying the controversy over his racially charged comments about David Stern.

ERIC MCERLAIN: Tedy Bruschi, Chad Ochocinco and the ESPN noise machine - TheDC Sports

Opinion | Eric McErlain

A recent flap between two football players is more evidence of ESPN’s transformation from a serious news network into an entertainment network.