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Trayvon Martin's mother testifies in Senate 'stand your ground' hearing

Senate Stand Your Ground Laws

‘This law does not work’

Smart ALEC

Immigration High Tech
'Blatant violation of our First Amendment rights'

New poll reveals majority support for 'Stand Your Ground' laws

Trayvon Martin

Americans prefer to defend themselves

New threat to self-defense laws

Jackson Lee wants to replace stand your ground with ‘duty to retreat’

Ted Nugent calls for boycott of Chicago


Rocker-turned-political commentator has no time for celebrity plans to boycott Sunshine State

NAACP on Obama's Trayvon Martin remarks: 'This is a powerful moment'

Benjamin Todd Jealous

‘That our president has been profiled should encourage all Americans to think deeply about the depth of this problem’

Blacks benefit from Florida 'Stand Your Ground' law at disproportionate rate

Marissa Alexander. Associated Press

Holder wants to repeal self-defense law

Florida lawmaker: ALEC had nothing to do with 'stand your ground' law - TheDCNF

Stand Your Ground Law

‘ALEC didn’t even become involved in this until Florida passed the law. So there was no ALEC in the drafting of this’

Stand Your Ground laws and the dignity of human life

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Why the controversial self-defense laws are so important.

Obama's Harvard law professor: 'Stand your ground' law wouldn't protect black men - TheDC

‘I want to see the first black man who uses the ‘stand your ground’ defense and see if it works’

The truth about Stand Your Ground laws

The laws, which protect law-abiding citizens, had nothing to do with the Trayvon Martin shooting.

Why the Washington Post is wrong about Stand Your Ground laws

The Post seems to be confused about what Stand Your Ground laws entail.

'Stand your ground' laws not just GOP policy, legislative records show - TheDC

Two Glock .40 caliber semiautomatic handguns

‘Stand your ground’ laws not just GOP policy, records show