Wyoming Attorney General: Parents Have NO CHOICE But To Submit Kids To Standardized Tests

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Students at Rose Hill Elementary School jump around doing a counting exercise that is also aerobic exercise in their classroom in Commerce City

‘Students may not opt out of assessment’

Atlanta Cheating Trial Emboldens Testing Foes

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Activists say there are better teaching methods than ‘filling in bubbles for a couple hours’

Colorado School District Votes To Ditch Common Core's Standardized Test Slog

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‘I want my young kids to enjoy education and learning’

State Bans NATIVE CHINESE SPEAKER From Teaching Chinese Over American-Made Test

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Way to go, standardized testing! Brilliant!

Over 80 PERCENT Of New York Residents Say Common Core Is A Disastrous Failure

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School Bus

‘Take inventory and let’s launch 2.0′

SERIOUSLY? Texas teachers scare, shame and bully kids about standardized tests

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‘Your teacher will feel bad because you didn’t try. She gets paid for teaching you.’

Wait until you see the unbelievably AWFUL Common Core standardized tests

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‘Vague and unreasonably difficult’ questions, ‘grim’ and grossly inconsistent grading

Kids take Common Core tests with 'inappropriate content, ambiguous questions'

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‘Teachers and administrators are truly devastated by what a terrible test it was’

SAT makers announce latest 'new' SAT, insult rival ACT in desperate bid to stay relevant

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Would you believe a main architect of Common Core is involved?

Makers of SAT, ACT sued over sale of students' personal information

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Test companies collect big bucks from colleges trolling for applicants

Middle-school teacher allegedly told kids to fail science test for some reason

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Answer sheets contained drawings of cats and rocks, texting slang

Standardized tests, merit pay at stake in LA school board election

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Liberal mayors have recently engaged in battles with teachers unions

Chicago Teachers Union demands end of standardized testing - TheDCNF

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Pencil and a standardized test form

Unions seek to stymie merit-pay provisions

No wrong answers left behind - TheDC

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The staff of Cayuga Elementary may have helped students cheat on standardized tests

Teachers caught cheating - USA Today

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A USA Today investigative report found ways and reasons why teachers cheat, including changing the answers on their students’ standardized exams

Missing test scores halt college plans for California students - TheDC

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ACT lost the test scores of 100 high school seniors in Oakland, Calif.

NY schools touted high test scores, ignored flaws - NYT

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New York has been a national model for how to carry out education reform, so its sudden decline in passing rates may be seen as a cautionary tale

To stop cheats, colleges learn their trickery - NYT

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As the eternal temptation of students to cheat has gone high-tech, educators have responded with their own efforts to crack down

New York to begin gifted testing at age 3 - NYT

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City officials have revealed that they would begin searching for a new gifted admissions test that would allow 3-year-olds to be tested