Barack Obama does a right-turn on Afghanistan

Opinion | John Guardiano

The big news out of Lisbon isn’t the 2014 target date; it is Obama’s commitment to winning in Afghanistan.

Babbin wrongly impugns U.S. military leaders

Opinion | John Guardiano

Jed Babbin is wrong: Gen. Petraeus is not willfully pursuing a military strategy that “he knows will not succeed.”

Petraeus wants more time in Afghanistan - UPI

US | Chad Brady (admin)

Petraeus is taking steps that indicate he believes a rapid withdrawal would be unwise

In midterm elections, Afghan War barely surfaces - NYT

US | interns

Virtually since the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the nine-year war in Afghanistan has largely been an afterthought in American politics

Pawlenty: Obama's surge in Afghanistan may be insufficient - TheDC

Politics | Jon Ward

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty said Monday that he believes the U.S. should maintain a large troop presence in Afghanistan with no timeline for withdrawal

Gingrich: Afghanistan 'is not going to end well' - Des Moines Register

Politics | Pat McMahon

Former GOP House Speaker speaks out on the war and his potential run for President in 2012

Could Gen. Petraeus be awarded a fifth star? - TheDC

US | Luke X. Martin

Support for making Petraeus the first general in six decades to hold the distinction of a fifth star has been picking up in the blogosphere

Gates names Marine general to head CentCom - TheDC

US | Sonja Elmquist

If confirmed, Mattis would replace Gen. David Petraeus, who last week assumed command of U.S. troops in Afghanistan

What chain of command? - TheDC

US | Luke X. Martin

Petraeus moves down the ladder, up in influence

Obama gives McChrystal a peace offering - - CNN

Politics | interns

General short of time needed to retire at current rank

Money, Power and Greed: It's time for the CEO to go

Opinion | Bill Regardie

There’s absolutely nothing that a corporate board of directors would rather face than replacing their CEO. But when the profits, more importantly the stock price starts tumbling, it’s time for the board to do what it does best: nothing

Rethinking Afghanistan, Petraeus and America’s longest war

Opinion | Ed Ross

The bottom line is that the political, economic, and military war in Afghanistan is winnable. We are not the Soviets, and Afghanistan is not Vietnam. But we are only half way to victory

Military commanders disturbed by high turnover rate - WAPO

US | Pat McMahon

A dozen leaders have cycled in and out of command in Afghanistan, Iraq, and U.S. Central Command since 2001

Full credit to Obama on his command, or lack thereof

Opinion | Scott Wheeler and Buckley Carlson

Did Obama relieve McChrystal in order to strengthen our position in Afghanistan? To buoy troop morale? To assuage the often fungible commitment of the Karzai regime? None of these. He did it solely in an attempt to “save his own face.” Obama definitely “owns” this command now. God help us all

Wanted: Leadership in Afghanistan

Opinion | Marco Vicenzino

As military operations intensify with the summer heat, another fiasco emerges in President Barack Obama’s Afghanistan campaign. With a new strategy unfolding, the timing could not be worse

Allies warn against changing tactics after McChrystal - AP

World | admin

U.S. partners in Afghanistan hope the general’s ‘clear and hold’ strategy will remain in effect despite his ouster

Obama relieves Gen. Stanley McChrystal - The Daily Caller

Politics | Jon Ward

Obama relieves Gen. Stanley McChrystal of command

Former officials: Disarm the general - The Daily Caller

Politics | Jon Ward

Former Bush White House officials say McChrystal should go

McChrystal flap moves Afghanistan to spotlight - THE DAILY CALLER

Politics | Jon Ward

Afghan war is back in the spotlight as Obama decides whether or not to fire Gen. McChrystal

No McChrystal ball

Feature:Opinion | Ken Allard

After his remarks in the Rolling Stone exclusive, should the general stay, or should he go?