California Legislature Approves Bill Legalizing Physician-Assisted Suicide

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'It immediately becomes the cheapest and most expedient way to deal with complicated end-of-life situations.'

'Stand your ground' laws not just GOP policy, legislative records show - TheDC

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‘Stand your ground’ laws not just GOP policy, records show

Wyoming 'doomsday bill' prepares for post-America America - TheDC

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‘Government continuity task force’ would prepare for constitutional crisis, food shortages, currency collapse

How much trouble is David Rivera in? - WaPo

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The freshman Rep. is getting attention for $60,000 in mysterious campaign reimbursements and $137,000 in undisclosed loans

GOP invokes 1700s doctrine in health care fight - AP

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GOP lawmakers introduce “nullification” in the Idaho House and consider the measure to fight Obamacare in several other states

Officials fear bath salts are growing drug problem - AP

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Some say the effects of the powders are as powerful as abusing methamphetamine

Jeb Bush guides Republican outreach to Latinos - AP

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Bush tries to improve the the Republican Party’s outreach to Hispanic voters with the Hispanic Action Network conference

Ill. lawmakers pass 66 percent income tax increase - AP

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The increase now goes to Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn

Schwarzenegger leaves mixed legacy in California - AP

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‘The governor and the Legislature together never really got their hands dirty on the fiscal issues’

Joe Miller's election fight has likely ended - AP

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Alaska high court throws out Miller claims

Miller appeals decision in Alaska Senate race - AP

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Republican Joe Miller takes his challenge to the Alaska Senate race to the state Supreme Court

Alaska judge throws out Joe Miller's lawsuit - AP

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Miller has until Tuesday to appeal the decision that severely hurts his chances for demonstrating election fraud

Miller reports raising $241K since Alaska election - AP

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Republican Joe Miller has reported raising more than $241,000 since last month’s Alaska Senate election

Vote recount returns NY Senate majority to GOP - AP

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The action gives Republicans their only power base in a state where Democrats control every statewide position and the Assembly

Miller steps up Alaska fight - AP

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Tea Party favorite continues raising money, attacking Sen. Lisa Murkowski

Texas US Rep. Ortiz concedes defeat to Republican - AP

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Democratic Texas Congressman Solomon Ortiz has conceded defeat to Republican newcomer Blake Farenthold

10 Reps. who should worry about redistricting - National Journal

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House members who survived the 2010 election cycle may face a bigger challenge in 2012 — redistricting

Donald Duck for U.S. Senate - AP

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Despite competing with Disney characters for write-in votes, Sen. Lisa Murkowski believes she will prevail in disputed Alaska Senate race

Sharron Angle not likely to flee politics - AP

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“We did not awaken to go back to sleep”

Republicans haven't controlled as many state legislatures since 1928 - ABC

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Across the country Republicans now control 55 chambers, with Democrats at 38 and the remaining yet to be decided