Stephen A. Smith Destroys Kaepernick-Jackie Robinson Comparisons

Sports | Jena Greene
LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 15: Sportswriter and media personality Stephen A. Smith arrives at the seventh annual Hoodie Awards at the Mandalay Bay Events Center August 15, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

‘You better pump them damn brakes’

ESPN's Smith: Black Athletes Have It 'Pretty Rough' Because They're Too Rich

Sports | Justin Caruso

‘With money comes expectations…’

Stephen A. Smith: It's The NFL's Right To Make Players Stand

Sports | Ford Springer

‘That is a fact.’

Trump Has ESPN Thinking They're Actually CNN

Sports | Peter Hasson

‘I agree with the progressive point of view in this case’

Stephen A. Smith: CTE Finding Doesn't Excuse Aaron Hernandez - Watch His Rant

Sports | Ford Springer

‘I don’t wanna hear that!’

Le’Veon Bell And Stephen A. Smith Get Into It On Live TV

Sports | Jena Greene

Who won the argument?

Stephen A. Smith And Ted Nugent Agreed On This One Thing

US | Mike Raust

And it’s a very important point.

Stephen A. Smith Destroys Colin Kaepernick For Not Voting

Sports | Ford Springer
Stephen A. Smith (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube ESPN FIRST TAKE)

‘He comes across as a flaming hypocrite’

This Dude Just Dropped A Nuclear Photobomb On ESPN's Stephen A. Smith

Sports | Christian Datoc

‘Hello, Crime Stoppers? I’m pretty sure I just witnessed a murder.’

ESPN Analyst: 'There Should Be A Female Coach' On Every Pro Sports Team

Sports | Christian Datoc

Stephen A. Smith: ‘I don’t think it should be completely and unequivocally dominated by males.’

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith Cautions Black America: 'Don't Be So Quick' To Play The Race Card

US | Christian Datoc

‘Everyone who is white is not racist’

ESPN Analyst Takes Shots At #BlackLivesMatter Movement

Politics | Christian Datoc

Stephen A. Smith: ‘There’s nothing wrong when a presidential candidate says All lives matter!’

Which White Guy Is ESPN's Stephen A. Smith Mad At Today?

Sports | Christian Datoc

‘Someone needs to say it… so DAMN IT I’m gonna say it!’