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Did Justice Breyer Drop A Clue About Justice Kennedy's Retirement?

Politics | Kevin Daley
Breyer asked a *very* revealing question in a recent case

Supreme Court OKs Broad Immigrant Detention Powers

Politics | Kevin Daley
Vigorous dissent from Justice Breyer

Supreme Court Backs Trump In DACA Documents Dispute

Politics | Kevin Daley
'Within its lawful authority in deciding to wind down'

Did SCOTUS Make It Harder To Hold Nasty TSA Agents Accountable?

Politics | Kevin Daley
'Do not set fire to the house'

SCOTUS Rules Cities Can Sue Big Banks For Discriminatory Lending

Politics | Kevin Daley
Roberts sides with liberals in FHA dispute

Ginsburg Keeps Streak Alive, Skip Address Given By GOP President

Politics | Kevin Daley
Notorious RBG indeed

Supreme Court Struggles Over Cross-Border Shooting

Politics | Kevin Daley
Justices wrestle with shooting death of 15-year-old Mexican national

Justices Claim SCOTUS Has Created A Loophole Allowing Unconstitutional Executions

Politics | Kevin Daley
'This cannot be write'

Supreme Court Hears Challenge To Deportation Power

Politics | Kevin Daley
Justices struggle over Johnson fallout

SCOTUS Appears Ready To Return Fines To Exonerated Defendants

US | Kevin Daley
This one isn't in doubt

Liberals Are Begging Obama To Ram Garland Through This One-Minute Window On Tuesday

Politics | Kevin Daley
Too bad it's unconstitutional

Supreme Court Justice Closes Out The Year Railing Against The Death Penalty

US | Kevin Daley
Breyer continues to stake legacy on death penalty

Breyer Rebuts Cruz On SCOTUS Vacancy: 'I Didn't Say That'

Politics | Kevin Daley
Cruz claimed Breyer says vacancy doesn't impact the Court

SCOTUS Justice Acknowledges Value Of Supreme Court's Hilarious Bad Ethics Rules

Politics | Kevin Daley
Watchdogs pleased ... sort of

Justice Breyer Throws Shade At Kim K During Oral Arguments

US | Kevin Daley
Is Kagan still the hippest justice after this?

Liberal Supreme Court Justice Says Scalia Replacement Can Wait

Washington Gadfly | Evan Gahr
Another Democratic talking point goes down the crapper

No, the sky isn't falling: A level-headed guide to McCutcheon v. FEC

Opinion | Trevor Burrus
What's really scary is that four Justices were ready to turn the First Amendment on its head.

Justice Breyer robbed by machete-wielding intruder

Politics | admin
Breyer was at his vacation home in the West Indies

Supreme Court justice: Warrantless GPS tracking 'sounds like 1984'

Tech | Vishal Ganesan
'If you win this case, then there is nothing to prevent the police or the government from monitoring, 24 hours a day, the public movement of every citizen of the United States'

Patrick Kennedy gets hitched in Hyannis Port

Entertainment | Laura Donovan
The former Rhode Island congressman married Amy Petitgout in Hyannis Port, Mass., on Friday

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