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Colbert to release kids's book about a flag pole - AP

IAVA's Fifth Annual Heroes Gala

Colbert will pen ‘I Am a Pole (And So Can You!)’ with Maurice Sendak’s blessing

Stephen Colbert explains his absence [VIDEO] - TheDC


Squashes rumors that show went on hiatus because of presidential bid, rehab or plastic surgery

'The Colbert Report' to return Monday with new show - THR


Two episodes last week were cancelled due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’

Stephen Colbert's super PAC raises over $1 million - TheDC

Stephen Colbert

Donations include $500 from Calif. Democratic Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom

Is Stephen Colbert channeling his inner Pat Paulsen?

Some people are taking Colbert’s presidential campaign too seriously.

Herman Cain tells Colbert audience not to vote for him - TheDC

Herman Cain

‘I am going to ask you to not vote for Herman Cain’

Colbert rides the Cain train in SC, praises Ron Paul's consistency - TheDC

‘Colbert Report’ host compares Texas congressman to Rumpelstiltskin, but praises his intellectual consistency

Cain to meet with doppelganger Colbert in SC Friday - TheDC

Colbert Congress

Known for his sense of humor on the campaign trail, Cain is now joking along with Colbert about the stunt

Colbert ad promises 'merciless ad torrent' to 'destroy' Gingrich, Romney - TheDC

Stephen Colbert

Spoof super PAC: ‘[W]e plan to run negative ads attacking their negative ads to make it right’

Colbert independent run could hurt Obama - TheDC

TV Colbert

PPP poll shows that Colbert would attract 13 percent of the vote, narrowing Obama’s lead over Romney to three points

Stephanopoulos pretends to give serious interview to pretend almost-candidate Colbert [VIDEO] - TheDC

‘Colbert Report’ host gets 10-minutes on ‘This Week’ to talk about his presidential exploratory committee

New satirical ad in SC suggests Romney may be a 'serial killer' - TheDC

Mitt the Ripper

Stepehen Colbert super PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, launches ad

Colbert announces South Carolina exploratory committee -- really [VIDEO] - TheDC


Late-night host hands Super PAC reins to Jon Stewart, says ‘God bless Citizens Unite,d’ announces presidential exploratory committee

Stephanopoulos explains contraception question to... Stephen Colbert [VIDEO] - TheDC

The recent GOP debate moderator and his ‘bet’ with Dianne Sawyer

Poll: SC Republicans prefer Stephen Colbert over Jon Huntsman - TheDC

Stephen Colbert

Colbert toyed with officially running for office in 2008

Colbert throws straws in the wind - TheDC

Stephen Colbert
Rick Perry or Rick 'Parry'? The write-in Rickroll that could confuse Iowans

Colbert releases second ad before Iowa straw poll - TheDC

Ad slams Rick Perry groups for pandering to Iowans by featuring¬† ‘cheap cornography’

Colbert Super PAC launches first TV ad supporting 'Rick Parry' - TheDC

Ad urges Iowans to write in ‘Rick Parry … that’s Parry with an ‘a’ … for ‘America”

Federal Election Commission approves Colbert's super-PAC - TheDC

Colbert PAC

One of the biggest concerns raised at the hearing was the involvement of Viacom

Stephen Colbert files papers with FEC to form 'super PAC' - TheDC

Colbert Congress

‘Colbert Report’ host appears in Washington, making way to raise and spend unlimited campaign cash