One Well-Placed Hurricane Will UTTERLY DESTROY Costly Offshore Wind Systems On The East Coast

op-ed | Steve Goreham
wind turbines in the water Creative Common/ Ionna22

Does the East Coast see such hurricanes? Of course it does

Did We Really Save The Ozone Layer?

Opinion | Steve Goreham

The longer the hole persists, the greater the likelihood that the ozone layer is controlled by natural factors, not human CFC emissions.

The Shale Shock -- How The World Has Changed

Opinion | Steve Goreham

The anti-fossil fuel environmental movement is in despair that the industry is booming.

Apple And Google Pour Billions Down A Green Drain

Opinion | Steve Goreham

Business has been captured by climatism, the belief that humans are causing dangerous global warming.

Is Small Particle Air Pollution Really Killing Americans? No.

| Steve Goreham
FILE -In this Dec. 11, 2012, file photo, part of the containment vessel for a new nuclear reactor at the Plant Vogtle nuclear power plant is under construction in Augusta, Ga. Some of the world's top climate scientists say wind and solar energy will not be enough to head off extreme global warming, and they are asking environmentalists to support the development of safer nuclear power as one way to cut fossil fuel pollution. (AP Photo/John Bazemore, File)

The EPA uses “prevention” of premature deaths from small particles to justify tighter pollution regulations.

Lessons From Europe: The Recipe For A High Cost Energy System

Opinion | Steve Goreham
Aerial view of a Haliade 150 offshore wind turbine at Alstom's offshore wind site at Le Carnet in Frossay on the Loire Estuary western France, May 15, 2014. REUTERS/Stephane Mahe

European governments have realized that they can no longer afford the green energy revolution.

'Buy Locally': Horse And Buggy Advice From The Green Movement

Opinion | Steve Goreham

We’d expect such advice from an out-of-touch grandparent, but not our intellectual leaders.

Petroleum: A Magnificent Material Much Maligned

Opinion | Steve Goreham

We’re fortunate to be living in a golden age of energy, fueled by petroleum.

2014: The Year Of Futility In The Fight Against Climate Change

Opinion | Steve Goreham

The “pause” in global warming is now old enough to vote or to serve in the military.

With Global Conflict At The Door, World Leaders Pursue Futile Climate Efforts

Opinion | Steve Goreham

$250 billion is spent per year on renewable energy, while 1 billion people lack clean drinking water

The War On Fracking Is Over -- And The Greens Lost

Opinion | Steve Goreham
People protest against fracking in California

The lure of cheap energy and a cleaner alternative to coal are trumping environmentalists’ concerns.

America's power grid at the limit: The road to electrical blackouts

Opinion | Steve Goreham

Misguided subsidies are behind this winter’s blackout near-miss.

Renewable energy is in decline

Opinion | Steve Goreham

Across the globe, solar and wind are out, and natural gas is in.

Bitter cold blasts Chicago, a city fighting climate change

Opinion | Steve Goreham

City government, academics, and Windy City-based companies are touting their efforts. I guess it’s working.

World agricultural output continues to rise, despite dire predictions of decline

Opinion | Steve Goreham

‘Maybe rising agricultural production is like rising polar bear populations ― the decline begins tomorrow.’

United Nations to business: support us on climate change

Opinion | Steve Goreham

The Warsaw agenda is doomed.

Mankind's impact on climate is negligible

Opinion | Steve Goreham and Jay Lehr

The IPCC projected a warming of more than 0.3°C over the last 15 years. That hasn’t happened.