EXCLUSIVE: Massagers Nearly Half Off With These Codes [VIDEO]

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
The so-called neck/shoulder massager actually can relieve tension all over the body (Photo via Amazon)

These two products will ease your neck, shoulder, back, waist, body, arms, legs and feet.

EXCLUSIVE: Relieve Your Muscle Pain With These Deals On Highly-Rated Massagers

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
You can tell by the look on her fact that this massager is doing its job (Photo via Amazon)

I can’t be the only reader who experiences aches

Dogs Actually Enjoy Kennels

World | Julia Dent

Dogs see kenneling ‘as an exciting change of scene’

Six percent of U.S. surgeons consider suicide - Reuters

US | Steven Nelson (admin)

A new survey highlights the alarmingly high rate and finds past medical errors as one possible reason

Most European banks pass stress tests - AP

Business | admin

It was the only German bank to fail the European stress test

Europe to go public with bank stress test results - AP

Business | admin

Europe faces another moment of truth in its simmering debt crisis on Friday as regulators release the results of ‘stress tests’ on 91 banks across the continent

The price of education - AJC

Business | interns

Teacher layoffs across Georgia mean financial stress among thousands of households, but also trouble for the larger economy

Public health warning: Hot chicks - The Daily Caller

| interns

Science has confirmed what most men already know: beautiful women can be bad for your health

Bankers resort to beating each other up

| Julia McClatchy (admin)

It’s a stressful time for people who work on Wall Street, what with everyone hating them and bonuses not being exactly what they used to be or more

Scan detects PTSD 'finger-print'

Tech | AJ

For all the attention focused on posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in recent years, doctors have never had a clear-cut way to be certain a patient has it. But scientists now believe they have found a long-sought PTSD fingerprint that confirms the disorder by measuring electromagnetic fields in the brain

Children keep you young at heart

| AJ

A study suggests that raising children can actually lower your blood pressure. The principle is that parenthood gives people ‘a sense of purpose and meaning’ which helps to reduce stress and put the hassles of life into perspective.

Cotton subsidies act as economic buffer

Business | admin

The top 50 cotton-growing counties, which are among the country’s poorest, have endured economic stress that’s essentially the same as the country as a whole. The national average county Stress Index score in November 2009 was 10.2, up from 5.2 in October 2007