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New Mexico teachers mull strike over evaluation linked to actual, objective criteria

‘This evaluation system is unprecedented in how unfair it is’

A Big Nothingburger

Very few fast-food employees strike

Striking teachers scream insults at substitute teachers - TheDCNF

teachers strike Chicago

One parent calls strike ‘embarrassing’

Ta-ta for Twinkies? - TheDCNF


Hostess may need to shut doors due to union strike

HuffPo to bloggers: Go ahead, strike some more - TheDC

Huffington Post contributors aim to expand strike as their concerns are dismissed by company

Huffington Post contributors go on strike - TheDC

Arianna Huffington responds, ‘No one really notices… Go ahead, go on strike’

BBC journalists strike for 2nd day over pensions - AP

BBC director-general Mark Thompson insists the new pension plans are fair and have already been modified after talks with staff

French workers protest retirement age shift to 62 - AP

The government currently allows for retirement at sixty years old, but the pension system is a massive burden on the country’s budget

Spirit grounds thousands of travelers - PORTFOLIO.COM

Because it is small, you may not have heard that Florida-based Spirit Airlines has been shut down since Saturday

Passenger numbers fall as BA strike continues - BBC

The number of passengers on British Airways in May dropped by 14.2% from a year ago

Chinese Honda strike a wake-up call for Japan - NYT

As the car company’s sales struggle throughout the world, Japan grapples with a struggling economy

British union strikes out - BBC

British Airways has won a High Court injunction to stop the latest strikes by its cabin staff

Greek crisis spreads fear it could undercut American recovery - WSJ

Early credit-market indicators of contagion to the U.S. aren’t yet flashing red, but investors are keeping a wary eye on them

U.S. building up forces near Iran - The Sunday Herald

Hundreds of powerful US “bunker-buster” bombs are being shipped from California to the British island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean in preparation for a potential attack on Iran if diplomacy fails