House GOP Education Bill Would Cut Billions In Spending

Education | Rob Shimshock
A man counts U.S dollar bills at a money exchange office in central Cairo, Egypt, March 7, 2017. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

‘Being fiscally responsible’

SHOCKER: Colleges Stop Exorbitant Price Increases After Congress Caps Student Loans

Education | Eric Owens
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Supply and demand still totally works!

HI MOM! Droves Of College Graduates Are Moving Home So They Can Afford Student Loan Burdens

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‘Financial strain due to escalating tuition and stagnant wages’

The Biggest Bank You've Never Heard Of

Opinion | Sen. Mike Enzi
Graduation season has officially started (Photo via Amazon)

The Education Department’s student loan bank should be reviewed so taxpayers will never have to bail it out.

Hispanic Civil Rights Group Sues Wells Fargo To Force College Loans For Illegal Immigrants

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‘The nation and California have a dire need for educated workers’

'Cutting Off Fingers' And Other Insane Things People Would Do To Wipe Student Debt

Business | Steve Birr
A whale shark approaches a feeder boat off the beach of Tan-awan, Oslob, in the southern Philippines island of Cebu March 1, 2013. Tan-awan, in the southern Philippines island of Cebu, used to be a sleepy village that never saw tourists unless they were lost or in transit. Yet now they flock there by the hundreds - to swim with whale sharks, the world's largest fish. Whale sharks are lured to the Tan-awan coastline of the Oslob district by fishermen who hand feed them small shrimp, drawing divers and snorkelers to see the highly sought-after animals, known as gentle giants of the sea. But the practice has sparked fierce debate on the internet and among biologists, who decry it as unnatural. Picture taken March 1, 2013. REUTERS/David Loh

A bold 4 percent would move to Syria for life

Senators To Dept. Of Education: 'Correct This Injustice'

Education | Carly Rolph

‘The men and women in uniform … deserve better’

How Trump Wants To Keep College Costs Down

Politics | Derek Hunter
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Nevada

‘Some governmental program’

Elizabeth Warren's Massive Flip-Flop On Student Loans Thrills The Progressive Left

Education | Eric Owens
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Not long ago, the 65-year-old rookie senator wanted college cost freeze

Let's Put America's Staggering Levels Of Student Debt In Context

Education | Eric Owens
Students throw their hats after the graduation ceremony at the Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA) in Hamburg

More than the combined GDP of these four countries

College Debt Souring Young Adults On Homebuying

Education | Blake Neff

Can’t buy homes, and say they don’t want them

Cooley Becomes First Casualty Of Law School Crisis

Education | Blake Neff
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Troubled school forced to close Ann Arbor campus

Florida For-Profit College Chain Latest To Get Fed Hammer

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‘It was just a bunch of nonsense’

What Elizabeth Warren Got Right About Student Loans

Opinion | Keith Naughton
Elizabeth Warren

Any meaningful fix to a broken system will have to involve rebalancing risk

Think Tank: Let The Government Pay Teachers' Debts

Education | Blake Neff

Average teacher with graduate degree has over $50k in debt

Last “Weak” Tonight

DC Trawler | Derek Hunter

The Indebted Generation Didn't Ask For This

Opinion | Jorge Marin

‘We came of age in a time of pessimism and uncertainty brought about by the failed policies of previous generations.’

Report: Reliance On Loan Forgiveness Soaring

Education | Blake Neff

Taxpayer cost could eventually reach billions

WaPo Advice For Indebted College Grads: Get Used To Your Parents' Basement

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Also, spend well over half your income on taxes and loans