Niger: Finally, A War John McCain Doesn't Love

op-ed | Ilana Mercer
He's even considering a subpoena over the intervention.

MSNBC Isn't Telling You This Important Detail About The Tennessee Shooter

Media | Amber Athey

State Dept: North Korea Is 'The Number One Security Issue' For The President

World | Ryan Pickrell
Enforcing international sanctions

LOCKDOWN: Travel Ban Takes Effect Tonight

Politics | Kevin Daley
State Department issues guidance on exemptions from the ban

Sudanese Cab Driver In Virginia Goes To Prison For Lying To FBI, Trying To Support ISIS

National Security | Jonah Bennett
Elhassan couldn't stop lying to the FBI

Trump Calls McCain, Graham 'Weak' For Opposing Immigration Ban

Politics | Ryan Pickrell
Tells them to get their priorities right

White House: Green Card Holders Not Barred, But Subject To 'Additional Scrutiny'

National Security | Ryan Pickrell
'Further questioning'

Most Of The Muslim Countries Targeted By Trump Have Discriminatory Entry Policies

World | Ryan Pickrell
Targeting Israel

Trump Bans Syrian Refugees Indefinitely To 'Protect Nation'

World | Ryan Pickrell
Until admission is 'consistent with the national interest'

Obama Administration To Loosen Sanctions Against Sudan

World | Kerry Picket
Appeasement on the way out the door

Sudanese Official Gets Diplomatic Immunity After Alleged Sexual Assault

US | Kevin Daley
This is outrageous

55,000 Green Cards Are Now Up For Grabs In A Lottery

US | JP Carroll
People from the three countries sponsoring terrorism can apply

ISIS-Infiltrated Sudan Plans To Build Nuclear Reactor With China

Energy | Andrew Follett
Many of Sudan's citizens have joined the Islamic State

College Basketball Prospect Turns Out To Be 30-Year-Old Sudanese Illegal Immigrant

Sports | Christian Datoc

Congress Wants To Hit Assad With War Crimes Tribunal, Send Clear Message To Obama

Politics | Jonah Bennett
'There is the potential to move forward in a way that would push back...the Assad regime'

Mysterious Clinton Talking Points Likely Dealt With Volatile Standoff In Sudan Oil Region

US | Chuck Ross
Talking points at center of latest Hillary email flap

Iran's Diplomatic Fallout Cascades As Three More Nations Cut Ties

World | Russ Read
Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Sudan have lowered their diplomatic relations with Iran in response to the ongoing Saudi-Iranian conflict over the execution of a prominent Shia Muslim cleric.

Clock Boy Leaving America To Live In Theocratic Authoritarian Slave State

US | Blake Neff
Qatar is like Texas, family says. You know, if Texas had sharia and slavery.

'Clock Kid' Pals Around With Sudanese President Wanted For War Crimes

World | Derek Hunter
Ahmed will spend the evening with President Obama on Monday

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