What really happened to Mariam Ibrahim at the Khartoum airport?

World | Hannah Bleau

Conflicting reports emerge

Christian Woman Sentenced To Death For Faith Will Be Released

World | Katie Frates
Sudanese Woman Sentenced To Death Will Be Released
Meriam Ibrahim refused to recant Christianity

Report: Tech made by US spy firm found in Iran, Syria and Sudan

Tech | Josh Peterson
Mideast Syria.JPEG

Company denies they broke American law

EXCLUSIVE: George Clooney speaks to TheDC in handcuffs [VIDEO] - TheDC

Entertainment | Nicholas Ballasy

‘I’m concerned with my father, making sure he’s okay right now’

Clooney pitches Obama on Sudan peace plan - TheDC

Entertainment | Neil Munro

Actor insists that peace talks are the answer and that he will not abandon the cause

South Sudan becomes world's newest nation - AP

World | Steven Nelson (admin)
South Sudan

Omar al-Bashir, Colin Powell, Ban Ki-moon and others attend independence celebrations

The US should promote freedom in the Arab world

Opinion | Fred Gedrich

America’s interests are best served by defending free states, promoting freedom, and supporting legitimate freedom movements.

The United States and China vie for influence in the Horn of Africa

Opinion | Robert O'Brien

East Africa is a national security and foreign policy hot spot for the US.

Obama quietly stepping up Africa outreach in 2011 - AP

Politics | admin

He will focus in Africa on good governance and supporting nations with strong democratic institutions

Sudan's leader willing to accept an independent South Sudan - AFP

World | Steven Nelson (admin)

Bashir said he would be ‘the first to recognise the south’ if it chooses secession in a free and fair vote on January 9

A fatwa on Liam Neeson

Opinion | Ken Blackwell

By comparing Mohammed to Aslan, the lion in The Chronicles of Narnia, Neeson may have gotten himself in trouble.

In less than one month, a new country - Bloomberg

World | Steven Nelson (admin)

As the January 9 referendum on independence for Southern Sudan nears, an aide to Sudan’s President publicly says efforts to maintain national unity have failed

Human rights v. reality in the Maghreb

Opinion | Elizabeth Blackney

Americans should be supporting Morocco, not Algeria, in the cold war between the two North African countries.

A death knell for terror trials in civilian courts?

Opinion | Miles Taylor

Yesterday’s verdict in the Ahmed Ghailani case is a blow to the Obama administration’s plans to try Guantanamo detainees in the US.

The liberal love affair with Islam

Opinion | John Gerardi

Liberals deride Christianity for being oppressive but defend Islam, which actually is oppressive.

Sudan's ticket off the terror list - AP

World | admin

US may reconsider Sudan’s terror list status

The Africa mirror

Opinion | Elizabeth Blackney

How many raped, tortured and dead will it take before President Obama stops his anti-Bush rhetoric long enough to do the right thing?

Israel, the double standard, and power

Opinion | Kendrick Macdowell

Israeli leaders cannot go safely into some European countries for fear of being arrested for war crimes under the faux-doctrine of “universal jurisdiction,” while children-targeting murderers such as Hamas face no such international reproach.

The power vacuum

Opinion | Elizabeth Blackney

Eighteen months into the Obama Administration, there is precious little to praise. Africa is fighting the same enemies we fear in the United States.

Sudanese president charged with genocide - CNN

World | interns

The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has filed genocide charges against Sudan’s president for a five-year campaign of violence in Darfur