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What's the deal with all these Wall Street suicides?

A Wall Street sign outside the New York Stock Exchange

Financial professionals are 39% more likely to kill themselves than the workforce as a whole

Swanky NYC prep school teacher directs students to write their own suicide notes

Grim reaper. Photo: Getty Images

‘How would you justify ending your life? What reasons would you give?’

Former Taiwanese President attempts suicide


Chen Shui-bian is currently serving a 20 year sentence for corruption

Girlfriend: Aaron Swartz's suicide not caused by depression

Internet activist Aaron Swartz. Photo: Fred Benenson/Wikimedia Commons.

‘I believe Aaron’s death was caused by exhaustion, by fear, and by uncertainty’

Petition to have Aaron Swartz's prosecutor removed from office passes threshold to receive WH response - TheDC

Aaron Swartz

‘It is too late to do anything for Aaron Swartz’

Feds posthumously drop charges against Aaron Swartz - TheDC

Aaron Swartz

‘[The dismissal] would have been welcome this time last week’

MIT, JSTOR 'saddened' by Reddit co-founder's death - TheDC

Obit Swartz.JPEG

Aaron Swartz praised for ‘brilliant creativity and idealism’

Aaron Swartz's family, friends blame MIT, federal government for suicide - TheDC

Obit Swartz.JPEG

JSTOR dropped charges against Swartz, but US Attorney pursued criminal case

French teacher asks students to compose their own suicide notes


Unnamed teacher criticized one student’s note as “not precise enough”

Radio show that pranked Kate Middleton's hospital has been 'terminated ' [VIDEO] - TheDC

Mel Grieg and Michael Christian interview after Kate Middleton nurse suicide

Hosts Mel Grieg and Michael Christian gave a televised interview after the prank allegedly led to a nurse’s suicide

Tony Scott's greatest films [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

The world lost one of its most entertaining directors Sunday afternoon when the director jumped to his death

The Killers sax player Tommy Marth commits suicide at 33 - THR

The Killers sax player Thomas Marth

Band statement: ‘There‚Äôs a light missing in Las Vegas tonight. Travel well, Tommy’

Taiwan police: Woman kills self while chatting on Facebook - AP


Claire Lin alerted friends to her gradual asphyxiation, on her birthday; no one called police

Don Cornelius apparent suicide - TMZ


‘Soul Train’ creator dead at 75

Former 'SNL' writer dies in apparent suicide - TMZ

Joe Bodolai

Joe Bodolai’s body was discovered yesterday by a cleaning crew at an L.A. hotel

Netherlands looks to expand euthanasia grounds to include lonely, poor - TheDC

Netherlands Heineken Gangster.JPEG

Lack of ‘social skills, financial resources and a social network’ could justify assisted suicide

Coroner: No drugs in 'Housewives' husband's body - AP

Real Housewives Armstrong Death

Coroner’s report rules death a suicide

Suicide rate rises in Europe during financial crisis - Reuters

Researchers believe increase in suicide rate directly tied to financial crisis

Study: Heightened suicide chance for boys with divorced parents - TheDC

Boys are more likely to withhold their grief while girls seem more willing to talk

Spike in suicides for Army National Guard, Reserve - AP

Army National Guard and Reserve leaders link suicide spike to relationship problems