Las Vegas Man Kills Himself After Casino Revoked His Lifetime Free Buffet Pass

US | Eric Owens
buffet Getty Images

This story is incredibly, bitterly sad

VA Manager Makes Fun Of Veteran Suicides In Email

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jonah Bennett

‘It is a slap in the face’

What's the deal with all these Wall Street suicides?

Business | Scott Greer
A Wall Street sign outside the New York Stock Exchange

Financial professionals are 39% more likely to kill themselves than the workforce as a whole

Swanky NYC prep school teacher directs students to write their own suicide notes

Education | Eric Owens
Grim reaper. Photo: Getty Images

‘How would you justify ending your life? What reasons would you give?’

Former Taiwanese President attempts suicide

World | McHenry Lee

Chen Shui-bian is currently serving a 20 year sentence for corruption

Girlfriend: Aaron Swartz's suicide not caused by depression

Tech | Josh Peterson
Internet activist Aaron Swartz. Photo: Fred Benenson/Wikimedia Commons.

‘I believe Aaron’s death was caused by exhaustion, by fear, and by uncertainty’

Petition to have Aaron Swartz's prosecutor removed from office passes threshold to receive WH response - TheDC

Tech | Josh Peterson
Aaron Swartz

‘It is too late to do anything for Aaron Swartz’

Feds posthumously drop charges against Aaron Swartz - TheDC

Tech | Josh Peterson
Aaron Swartz

‘[The dismissal] would have been welcome this time last week’

MIT, JSTOR 'saddened' by Reddit co-founder's death - TheDC

Tech | Josh Peterson
Obit Swartz.JPEG

Aaron Swartz praised for ‘brilliant creativity and idealism’

Aaron Swartz's family, friends blame MIT, federal government for suicide - TheDC

Politics | Josh Peterson
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JSTOR dropped charges against Swartz, but US Attorney pursued criminal case

French teacher asks students to compose their own suicide notes

Education | Eric Owens

Unnamed teacher criticized one student’s note as “not precise enough”

Radio show that pranked Kate Middleton's hospital has been 'terminated ' [VIDEO] - TheDC

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler
Mel Grieg and Michael Christian interview after Kate Middleton nurse suicide

Hosts Mel Grieg and Michael Christian gave a televised interview after the prank allegedly led to a nurse’s suicide

Tony Scott's greatest films [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler

The world lost one of its most entertaining directors Sunday afternoon when the director jumped to his death

The Killers sax player Tommy Marth commits suicide at 33 - THR

Entertainment | InternAdmin
The Killers sax player Thomas Marth

Band statement: ‘There‚Äôs a light missing in Las Vegas tonight. Travel well, Tommy’

Taiwan police: Woman kills self while chatting on Facebook - AP

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Claire Lin alerted friends to her gradual asphyxiation, on her birthday; no one called police

Don Cornelius apparent suicide - TMZ

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‘Soul Train’ creator dead at 75

Former 'SNL' writer dies in apparent suicide - TMZ

Entertainment | taylorbigler
Joe Bodolai

Joe Bodolai’s body was discovered yesterday by a cleaning crew at an L.A. hotel

Netherlands looks to expand euthanasia grounds to include lonely, poor - TheDC

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Netherlands Heineken Gangster.JPEG

Lack of ‘social skills, financial resources and a social network’ could justify assisted suicide

Coroner: No drugs in 'Housewives' husband's body - AP

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Real Housewives Armstrong Death

Coroner’s report rules death a suicide

Suicide rate rises in Europe during financial crisis - Reuters

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Researchers believe increase in suicide rate directly tied to financial crisis