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This shocking PSA on Syrian children will make you rethink everything

A video for saving Syrian children brings war way too close to home

Kerry admits administration has fumbled Syrian conflict, senators say

Secretary of State Kerry waves while boarding his plane at Franz-Josef-Strauss Airport in Munich

‘We are at a point now where we are going to have to change our strategy’

White House slams Syria for possible murders, remains silent on Iran's aid

U.S. President Obama gestures waves goodbye at the end of year-end news conference in the White House briefing room in Washington

‘We stand with the rest of the world in horror’

SURPRISE! Gitmo alumnus bagged (AGAIN) in Turkey

Terrorists. Getty Images.

There you go again

Hamas says rival Fatah men exiled from Gaza can return

Members of Palestinian security forces loyal to Hamas march on a street in Gaza City

‘What the Palestinian people really want is a genuine end to the division’

Obama's 2014 strategy: My economy sucks


Obamacare is so painful that Obama plans to talk about something even more painful

Obama will deliver second-term national security strategy in 2014

George Bush and Barack Obama

Iran, Russia, China and North Korea can’t wait

Krauthammer: Obama 'tossed away' George W. Bush's Iraq War victory

The Iraq War ‘was won’

Kristol, Carville spar over Obama approval numbers

Weekly Standard editor downplays historic connection to sinking opinion of president

Is al-Qaida stealing bioweapons from Assad?

Mideast Syria.JPEG

‘Clear and present danger’

Syrian forces capture US Satcom gear [VIDEO]

Hughes 3

Manufacturer staying quiet on what it is, what it does and what it costs

Assad: Nobel Peace Prize 'should have been mine'

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad speaks during an interview with Turkey's Halk TV in Damascus
So funny, we could just die

Report: 'Crimes against humanity' carried out by Western-favored Syrian rebels

Free Syrian Army fighters take cover from snipers by crawling on the front line in Aleppo's Sheikh Saeed neighbourhood

‘This operation was a coordinated, planned attack on the civilian population’

What America's man in Iraq would do in Syria

'American troops are a force for good'