Gov. Perry: US Should Destroy Islamist Army

Politics | Neil Munro

Tough stance contrasts with Sen. Rand Paul’s equivocation

Report: Islamic State Beheaded Several People From Syrian Tribe

World | Scott Greer
Fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) celebrate on vehicles taken from Iraqi security forces, at a street in city of Mosul

‘We appeal to the other tribes to stand by us because it will be their turn next’

Two Female Italian Aid Workers Kidnapped By Islamic Terrorists

World | Aaron Bandler
Screenshot: YouTube/euronews (in English)

Went to Syria despite pleas from parents not to go

Proof Hillary Has Flipped On Arming The Syrian Rebels

Politics | Jamie Weinstein

‘Hamas is now supporting the opposition — are we supporting Hamas in Syria?’

Obama Pressures Iraqis To Dump Prime Minister

Video | Neil Munro

Diplomatic surge seeks to repair post-pullout damage

Jihadists Stoned Syrian Women To Death

Video | Scott Greer

Islamic State militants executed two women for adultery in July

PENTAGON OFFICIAL: America's Failure Is Hillary Inc's 2016 Politics

Opinion | Joseph Miller

The Libyan mission had a sponsor, and its name is 2016

Pentagon Official: Why Rand Paul's Ideas Scare Me -- And Why They Should Scare You

Opinion | Joseph Miller
Rand Paul at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.

Policies informed by dogma, not facts

Iraq Isn't Getting Better Anytime Soon

Opinion | Leon Hadar
Militant Islamist fighter waving a flag, cheers as he takes part in a military parade along the streets of Syria's northern Raqqa province

The realities of a post-Sykes-Picot Middle East

House Intel Committee Chair Blames Administration For Iraq Crisis

World | Tristyn Bloom

‘This is not an intelligence failure, it is a policy failure’

Syrian MiG Catches Fire In Midair

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Fuel leak causes fire visible from the ground

CRIKEY! Australian Jihadis Are Now Seeking Muslim Recruits For Middle East Takeover

World | Eric Owens video screenshot

‘Wake up and be part of the effort’

Rand Paul: U.S. 'Over-Involvement' In Region Creating 'Jihadist Wonderland' In Iraq

Video | Brendan Bordelon

‘We are still arming the radical Islamic rebels in Syria’

More Than 50 Million Refugees For First Time Since WWII

World | Justin Smith
South Sudanese refugees queue for breakfast at the Tzaipi refugee camp in Adjumani

‘The numbers represent a quantum leap in forced displacement around or world’

Two Men Arrested In Texas On Terrorism Charges

US | Reuters
Houston Bush Airport

The two Texans were charged with ‘committing violent Jihad’

Islamic Militants Use Twitter App To Help Take Over Iraq And Syria

Tech | Tristyn Bloom
Personnel from the Kurdish security forces detain a man suspected of being a militant belonging to the ISIL in outskirts of Kirkuk

‘We are coming, Baghdad’

PENTAGON OFFICIAL: The Larger Obama Policy Failure Behind The Iraq Chaos

Opinion | Joseph Miller
Bush Heart Procedure.JPEG

The source of the cancer is Syria

Muslim Convert To Christianity Claims Torture By Islamic Radicals, SUES PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH

US | Eric Owens
Syrian rebels AFP/Getty Images/Aris Messinis

Case presents vexing question: Should Muslim converts to Christianity visit war-torn Syria?

Obama Hints At Airstrikes In Iraq, But Sets High Bar

Politics | Neil Munro
Barack Obama

Terms may protect Obama from a backlash by supporters

Hillary Admits She Underestimated Al-Qaida

Politics | Patrick Howley
Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton participates in "A Conversation with Hillary Rodham Clinton" in Manhattan, New York

‘I could not have predicted…’