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UN Security Council reaches deal on Syria's chemical weapons

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‘Way out for the Obama administration’

McCain hires Syria rebel advocate Elizabeth O'Bagy

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Analyst is Ph.D.-less, but no longer jobless

How Putin and Rouhani outmaneuvered the president on Syria

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The administration suffers from a Syrious deficiency of vision

President Obama squanders the currency of foreign policy: trust

Obama meets Abbas at the United Nations in New York

From missile defense to Benghazi, the president has contradicted himself and eroded America’s reputation.

Pax Obamana



Look at who upset poor Jay Carney today

Sparks fly at White House briefing

Kristol: Obama desperation on Syria a sign US to allow a nuclear Iran


‘The appeasement of Mussolini led to the appeasement of Hitler’

Study: Syria rebellion 'dominated' by al-Qaida and Islamic jihadists

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Jane’s survey disproves ‘idea that it is mostly secular groups leading the opposition’

Awful students willing to send care packages to al-Qaida

‘No one caught on’

Time magazine hides Putin's success from US voters


U.S. cover shows sports photo, while foreign readers see powerful President Putin

Meet the 'moderate' Syrian sheikh young think tanker wants us to adopt


Young pundit at Syria Emergency Task Force backed anti-Semitic, anti-Shiite sheikh

Why did the WSJ dance around O'Bagy's Islamist links?


Mainstream media kept giving royal treatment to young Syria pundit after her story soured

Obama pedals away from Syrian debacle

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‘I am hopeful that the discussions … can yield a concrete result’

Why hasn't Obama released proof of Assad's hand in Syria gas attacks?

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Former CIA operative: ‘What the administration spokespeople have is a masterpiece of deception’

Ted Cruz slams Obama's stance on Syria, lays out his own foreign policy

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‘The principle of US national force should depend upon US national security’

Expert: So-called 'moderates' are Muslim Brotherhood-style Islamists

Syrian rebels

Israeli academic who traveled with Syrian rebels contradicts Obama administration’s claims

Think tank knew about O'Bagy's Ph.D. question long before firing her


Pro-war neocon group gins up credential issue after Daily Caller exposes analyst’s ties to radical lobbying group

Krauthammer: 'One of the most odd presidential speeches ever delivered'

Columnist says Obama’s plea not ‘a serious proposal’

Iran threatens widespread retaliation against US and allies


Shiite regime threatens U.S., Israel, Oman, others if Obama strikes Syria