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Report Shows Mobile Carriers Made Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars From Unauthorized Charges

A man uses a smartphone in New York City

‘Cramming on wireless phones has been widespread and has caused consumers substantial harm’

T-Mobile Charged With Deceptive Billing Practices

A T-Mobile store sign is seen in Broomfield, Colorado

‘It’s wrong for a company like T-Mobile to profit from scams against its customers’

T-Mobile CEO John Legere Gives The Most Epic Press Event Ever

AT&T And Verizon Are ‘Raping’ Customers

T-Mobile Launches Free, Unlimited Music Streaming

T-Mobile CEO John Legere speaks during a news conference at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas

Program excites consumers, worries net neutrality advocates

The FCC disincentive auction

Sky News broadcast is shown on television screens in an electrical store in Edinburgh

The Federal Communications Commission’s upcoming “incentive” auction of TV airwaves is already at war with itself.

Sprint's crony socialist hypocrisy

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler testifies before the House Communications and Technology panel on Capitol Hill in Washington

The company objected to AT&T’s bid to buy T-Mobile, but now they want to themselves.

LIKE A BOSS: T-Mobile CEO crashes AT&T party, gets bounced

LeGere with CNET's Roger Cheng

‘It was crazy’

T-Mobile keeps gaining steam on 'uncarrier' plans, iPhone launch

T Mobile Phone Upgrades.JPEG

Evidence keeps piling up that American consumers really do want an alternative to traditional wireless carriers.

T-Mobile's AT&T attack ads may have gone too far


Mobile phone companies have been duking it out for years

No favors needed at spectrum auction

T-Mobile Cell Contracts

T-Mobile’s request to limit qualified bidders is about protectionism, not competition.

Wireless plan innovation benefits consumers & competition

Comcast Disney WatchESPN.JPEG

Competition, not government regulation, is the best way to generate diverse choices for consumers and businesses

Rep. Markey: Authorities made 1.3 million requests for cellphone info last year - TheDC


Big Brother is reading your text messages, demanding ‘cell tower dumps,’ congressman reveals

Genachowski defends agency decision to block AT&T, T-Mobile merger - WaPo

FCC Chairman Julius Genachwoski

AT&T has heavily criticized the FCC for its decision, arguing that the agency’s rejection of the merger will deprive consumers from more robust networks.

Abused by the Obama administration, T-Mobile now wants the administration to abuse others

T-Mobile Job Cuts

This isn’t a free market – this is abusive and capricious government interventionism.

AT&T rebukes FCC as T-Mobile announces big layoffs - TheDC

AT&T - T-Mobile merger

‘The FCC may consider itself an expert agency on telecom, but it is not omniscient’

T-Mobile lays off 1,900 employees, more to come - The Verge

Unemployment Benefits.JPEG

T-Mobile USA CEO Philipp Humm has sent a memo to his employees today announcing the net elimination of around 1,900 jobs nationwide

iPhone not a carrier favorite - BGR

China Apple

Activations and unit sales don’t necessarily paint a complete picture

GARY SHAPIRO: AT&T merger collapse cries for national strategy on antitrust and innovation


We desperately need to reform our antitrust laws.

US gov't files charges against Deutsche Telekom - AP

Deutsche Telekom - USA

Deutsche Telekom and Hungary’s Magyar Telekom have agreed to pay more than $95 million to end a long-running bribery investigation

FCC approval of AT&T, Qualcomm deal shows spectrum screen change again - Forbes

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski

‘Call it the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde agency’