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International partnerships are key to a strong missile defense amid budget crunch

Mideast Syria.JPEG

Japan, Israel, and UAE have all made strong partners; we should keep leaning on them.

This Taiwanese college student crammed her cat in a jar

Collage: YouTube screenshot, Facebook via the Daily Mail

‘I did not want to put my pet cats inside metal cages’

Former Taiwanese President attempts suicide


Chen Shui-bian is currently serving a 20 year sentence for corruption

Taiwan police: Woman kills self while chatting on Facebook - AP


Claire Lin alerted friends to her gradual asphyxiation, on her birthday; no one called police

Some Asians' college strategy: Don't check 'Asian' - AP

Yale University

‘Asian-American is more a scale or a gradient than a discrete combination. I think it’s a choice,’ one Asian-American says

US to aid Taiwan with $5.85B in fighter jet upgrades - AP

Taiwan US

Tainwan, who has been seeking new planes since 2006, to receive help from US

Walking a tightrope: U.S. arms sales to Taiwan

Taiwan wants to purchase new F-16s from the U.S., but China is pushing back.

China is a competitor, not a partner

The U.S. and China will always be competitors. We shouldn’t delude ourselves into thinking otherwise.

Beijing Opera comes to Washington

The US needs a different approach to dealing with China.

The Korean nightmare yet again

China uses North Korea as a tool to promote its regional dominance and, in the process, undermine U.S. influence.

The perennial China-policy debate: conciliation vs. carrots and sticks

How should the US handle China?

South Korea Free Trade Agreement key to prosperity and security

Congress should ratify the FTA with South Korea.

Taxing Americans to protect -- and occupy -- the Europeans

Why are we paying for Europe’s defense?

U.S. concerned about attitude of China’s military - NYT

Defense Secretary Gates met his Chinese counterpart in Vietnam on Monday for the first time since the two militaries suspended talks earlier this year

Don't fear a trade war with China

Congress should stop listening to the alarmists before the alarm bell really rings on America’s economic future.

Taiwan recaps O'Donnell victory: Anime style! [VIDEO] - TheDC

Think you know what happened in Delaware? This video from Taiwan has the real story!

'Liger' cubs born in Taiwan zoo - YAHOO! News Malaysia

Only two of the lion-tiger hybrids survived

The United States and Vietnam: China's migraine headache

The United States and Vietnam have approached military ties with caution, however. Both Democratic and Republican presidents have placed a higher priority on U.S.-China relations than on U.S.-Vietnam relations

North Korea threatening 'physical response' - AP

Secretary Clinton and North Korea discuss ship sinking, U.S. sanctions

Tracking Chinese investment: western hemisphere now top target - THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION

China has at least $2.5 trillion in foreign exchange and must, due to its own balance of payments rules, invest it all overseas