30 Afghan Soldiers Killed By Taliban During Attack

World | Joseph Lafave
First major attack since the end of the Eid ceasefire

Islamic State Bombs Holiday Gathering Of Taliban, Afghan Troops

World | Will Racke
Dozens killed

Taliban, Afghan Government Forces Celebrate Together As Holiday Ceasefire Holds

World | Will Racke
Temporary peace

Taliban Leader In Pakistan Responsible For Shooting Malala Was Killed In U.S.-Afghanistan Airstrike

World | Vandana Rambaran
'I confirm that Mullah Fazlullah, leader of the Pakistani Taliban, has been killed'

Taliban Forces Slaughter 19 Police Officers Just Hours Before Announcing Unprecedented Ceasefire

World | Ryan Pickrell
Ceasefire celebrated as 'important step towards prospects for peace'

Afghan President Pitches Cease-Fire Agreement To Taliban During Ramadan

World | Joseph Lafave
The agreement would not include ISIS

ISIS Claims Suicide Attack An Afghanistan's Top Muslim Clerics On Hour After Imams Denounced Its Use

World | Joshua Gill
'Tyrant clerics'

Suicide Bomber Attacks Afghanistan's Top Imams, Kills 7

World | Joshua Gill
'It does nothing but shed the blood of Muslims'

WATCH: US Rockets Pulverize A Taliban Command Center

Defense | Will Racke
Reduced to rubble

US Military Paints The Desert Red With The Blood Of 50 Taliban Leaders

World | Ryan Pickrell
'A notable strike'

The United States Is About To Get Pushed Out Of Afghanistan By This Very Large, Aggressive Asian Nation

op-ed | Lawrence Sellin
China is Afghanistan's biggest investor. The principal method China uses to advance its interests is the 'debt trap'

Taliban Fighters Invade A City -- America DESTROYS Them With Airstrikes

Defense | Justin Caruso
America never quits.

The Taliban Almost Took Over An Afghan City, Proving That It's Far From 'Losing Ground'

Defense | Will Racke
A close call

ISIS Suicide Bombing Leaves Dozens Dead In The Afghan Capital

World | Ryan Pickrell
Another deadly bombing rattles Kabul

'All Wars Come To An End': Mattis Seeks Political Reconciliation With Taliban

Defense | Will Racke
'You need to leave that door open'

Abortionist Compares Pro-Lifers To The Taliban: Protesting For Life Is 'Terrorism'

US | Grace Carr
'Terrorism toward the patients'

US Air Force B-52 Shatters Bombing Record While Blowing Taliban Training And Narcotics Facilities To Bits

Defense | Ryan Pickrell
'The Taliban have nowhere to hide'

The US Military Reportedly Has No Idea How Strong The Taliban Is In Afghanistan

Defense | Anders Hagstrom
'No accurate numbers'

Islamic Leader Says Watching Soccer Is Haram For Women

World | Joshua Gill
'Do you not fear God?'

WATCH: Trump Puts Terrorists On Notice--'There’s No Talking To The Taliban'

Media | Justin Caruso
'Finish what we have to finish'

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