Afghanistan needs a CEO

Opinion | Wahid Monawar

The solution to the Afghanistan morass is to create a new position: Chief Executive Officer of Afghanistan.

'Catch and release' policy draws fire in Afghanistan - Washington Examiner

US | wrahn

More than 500 suspected Taliban fighters detained by U.S. forces have been released from custody at the urging of Afghan government officials

Stop the presses: Hamid Karzai is a politician!

Opinion | John Guardiano

The reports of a rift between Karzai and Gen. Petraeus are greatly exaggerated and misleading.

Taliban, NATO, and the Afghani officials meet for peace talks - NYT

US | interns

High-level talks aim for an end to the Afghan War

Helicopter crash in Afghanistan kills nine NATO troops - AP

| interns

NATO reports no enemy fire but Taliban spokesman says insurgents shot down helicopter in Afghanistan

Security in Afghanistan is deteriorating, aid groups say - NYT

World | Paul Conner

Large parts of the country that were once completely safe, like most of the northern provinces, now have a substantial Taliban presence

Is Iran paying terrorists to kill U.S. troops? - The Sunday Times

Politics | Tom Sileo

Taliban is paid $1,000 by covert Iranian firms for each American service member killed in Afghanistan, sources tell The Sunday Times in London

TheDC Interview: Lindsey Graham talks Afghanistan - TheDC

Politics | Amanda Carey

South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham talks to TheDC about the troops withdrawal and the possibility of a political settlement with the Taliban

Negotiating With Terrorists - TheDC

Politics | Amanda Carey

Lawmakers suggest negotiations with the Taliban as the U.S. military prepares to leave Afghanistan next year

With Friends Like These ... - TheDC

Politics | Amanda Carey

State Department’s reasons for leaving out the ‘most barbaric group in the world’ unclear

British leave Afghan hotspot to Americans - The Guardian

World | interns

British troops will pull out of Sangin, a remote district that has become the most deadly place in Afghanistan for Nato soldiers, being replaced by the 20,000 US troops already in the region

Taliban attack Nato base in Afghanistan - BBC

World | interns

The attack wounded two soldiers, coming a day after Gen Petraeus warned of an ‘industrial strength insurgency’

The real story behind Petraeus’s collapse

Feature:Opinion | Malou Innocent

At a Senate hearing yesterday (before U.S. CENTCOM commander General David Petraeus passed out from dehydration), it became glaringly obvious that “success,” if it’s even still achievable, will take far longer than July 2011

A reminder on this solemn day

Opinion | Rep. Joseph R. Pitts

This Memorial Day we remember those who gave their lives so that we can enjoy freedom. We also think about those who are in harm’s way and pray for their safety and for their families here at home. For those families who lost loved ones the war never ends

Taliban attack key US base in Afghanistan - AP

World | admin

Insurgents launched a brazen pre-dawn assault Wednesday against the giant Bagram Air Field

U.S.-armed, Afghan tribes turn on one other - TIME

World | interns

It was hailed as a game-changing breakthrough in the U.S. military’s effort to rally Afghan tribes

Afghanistan: Whose war?

Opinion | Doug Bandow

The Obama administration should focus on protecting Americans from terrorism while leaving nation-building in Afghanistan to the Afghan people

Pentagon: 'Afghan Taliban getting stronger' - LA TIMES

World | interns

A Pentagon assessment, while expressing confidence in U.S. strategy, says the movement has flourished despite repeated assaults

There is no Taliban

Feature:Opinion | Chet Nagle

The business of politicians is getting re-elected, and business is bad for President Obama and his cronies in congress. Failing domestic policies and two endless wars have White House and Pentagon spin doctors working overtime, especially on Afghanistan and recent ‘victories’ over the Taliban. But the inconvenient truth is that there is no Taliban, and the victories belong to Pakistan

Australian contractor sentenced to death in Afghanistan

World | AJ

An Australian security contractor working for an American company has been sentenced to death by an Afghan court for murdering a colleague and then trying to cover up the crime by staging a Taliban ambush.

It is the first time a foreigner working with the NATO coalition has been sentenced to death in Afghanistan.