Don't Bank Black? You're Funding White Supremacy, Professor Says

Education | Amanda Tidwell
Black Lives Matter

‘They’re putting the dollars that you give them in the institutions that keep us oppressed’

TARP Bailouts Are Going To Cost Taxpayers Billions

US | Peter Fricke

Unsurprisingly, TARP is hurting taxpayers

The Obama Economic Record: The Worst Five Years Since World War II

Opinion | Tracy Miller

To get the economy growing again, nearly every Obama-era policy will need to be reversed.

Government Sells Ally Financial Stock Bought Through TARP

Business | Peter Fricke

Treasury reduces ownership share by 80 percent in eight months

The biggest loser is America's taxpayers

Opinion | J.T. Young

No, the government hasn’t been on a crash diet.

Bailed out companies still owe taxpayers $124 billion

US | Michael Bastasch

General Motors also owes taxpayers more than $19 billion

Ryan in 2008: 'Heaven help us' if TARP bailout package not approved [VIDEO] - TheDC

Politics | Steven Nelson

‘This bill offends my principles, but I’m going to vote for this bill…in order to preserve this free enterprise system’

Legislative Lowdown: The joke's on you

Opinion | Brian Darling

A round-up of some of this week’s biggest developments on Capitol Hill.

Newt's victory is the tea party's loss

Opinion | Jack Hunter

Gingrich is a great speaker, but he stands for everything the tea party opposes.

Wall Street firms earned more under Obama than 8 years of Bush - Washington Post

Business | InternAdmin

TARP, Bailouts drove financial sector’s recovery ahead of the rest of the economy

Taxpayers lose $1.3 billion as U.S. government sells stake in company - CNN

Business | InternAdmin

Treasury calls intervention ‘major accompishment’

Banks using new government loans to pay back TARP - Boston Globe

Business | InternAdmin

Hundreds of small banks still in debt from TARP are filing for new Small Business Lending Fund

Hollywood Political Watch - TheDC

Entertainment | Ruth Graham

George Clooney is the $700 billion TARP man, Bieber gets ditched by Israeli PM, and Yoko Ono apparently doesn’t like greed

Hatch: I may have made a mistake in voting for TARP - TheDC

Politics | Matthew Boyle

Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch is asked about his conservative principles while participating in CPAC panel discussion

MSNBC's Ratigan laments taxpayer cost of 'Clinton blow job investigation' - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Poor

MSNBC host uses slang to explain more was spent on seemingly less relevant investigations than the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission investigation

Limbaugh on spending cut question: 'We got to pass the bill first to find out what's in it' - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Poor

Talker says Speaker John Boehner should answer questions about spending cuts with an old line from his predecessor

The administration's abysmal defense of the debt ceiling - TheDC

Feature:Opinion | Douglas Holtz-Eakin

The Obama administration has constructed a political narrative that dispenses with facts and undermines confidence in the US economy.

Judd Gregg: TARP 'most significant' accomplishment of the decade - TheDC

Politics | Alexis Levinson

Retiring Republican Sen. Judd Gregg hails TARP for staving off “a cataclysmic event”

Walking a fine line - TheDC

Politics | Jon Ward

House GOP treads cautiously with Tea Party in effort to keep Bachmann and her ‘antics’ out of leadership

Cost to bailout Fannie, Freddie could double - WSJ

Business | interns

If the economy enters a double-dip recession the companies could cost taxpayers an additional $124bn on top of the $135bn already spent