Dems continue to throw bombs at GOP - TheDC

Politics | Alexis Levinson

John Burton, chairman of the Calif. Democratic Party, condemned Obama for cutting a deal with ‘terrorists’

Rand Paul: I’m leaning against it - CNN

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

Is cutting taxes immoral?

Opinion | Penny Nance

Liberals are arguing that it is immoral to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. They’re wrong.

Will President Obama's tax cut deal explode the deficit? - TheDC

Politics | Jon Ward

Concern spreads about tax cut deal’s $900 billion addition to deficit and debt

Democratic anger jeopardizes tax cut deal - TheDC

Politics | Jon Ward

Dem anger jeopardizes tax cut deal, forces Obama to schedule emergency press conference

GOP senator wants all cuts to expire - WaPo

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

Let's Make A Deal - TheDC

Politics | Jon Ward

President Obama and congressional Republicans have reached a tentative deal to extend the Bush tax cuts for all income levels

It's the spending, stupid

Opinion | Wesley Messamore

Republicans should offer to compromise on the Bush tax cuts in exchange for across-the-board spending cuts.

Obama's Organizing for America silent in tax cut debate - TheDC

Politics | Jon Ward

One group has been conspicuously quiet during the debate over whether to extend all or some of the Bush tax cuts: Organizing for America

The big crunch - TheDC

Politics | Jon Ward

Top conservatives try to figure out how much Obama’s debt reduction plan will raise taxes

Senate holds pointless Saturday session - Politico

Politics | Tom Sileo

Senators cast ‘test votes’ on two Democratic tax cut measures that will almost certainly fail

Shock therapy for jobs

Feature:Opinion | Larry Kudlow

Pro-growth incentives will fix this dismal unemployment picture.

WH calls talk of tax cut deal 'inaccurate' - TheDC

Politics | Jon Ward

Robert Gibbs said Thursday that there is no deal imminent with Republicans on tax cut extension

House Dems vote to raise taxes - AP

Politics | wrahn

House Democrats moved toward a vote to show their commitment to letting taxes on the wealthy go up

It's not Congress's money

Opinion | Rep. John Culberson

Congress should make all of the current tax rates permanent and keep the money where it belongs — in the hands of the people who earned it.

Extend tax cuts for all Americans

Opinion | Rep. Phil Roe

Democrats shouldn’t be playing politics with tax cuts.

Debt commission: 'Put up or shut up' - TheDC

Politics | Jon Ward

Debt commission final report leans right, but conservatives say it’s just a first step

Tax cut compromise taking shape? - LAT

Politics | wrahn

The partisan stalemate over tax cuts softened Monday, pointing to the outlines of a potential compromise that could involve extending the cuts for up to two years

Boehner vows to fight compromise on extension of Bush tax cuts - TheDC

Politics | Chris Moody

Presumed House Speaker John Boehner said Wednesday that he will continue to press for a permanent extension of all Bush-era tax cuts