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Tesla Gets Huge Tax Break To Build World's Biggest Battery Factory In Nevada

‘Nevada has announced to the world — not to the country, but to the world — that we are ready to lead’

Even Blue States Are Trying Tax Cuts

A money changer inspects U.S. dollar bills at a currency exchange in Manila

‘Standout year for tax cuts’

Wisconsin's Tax Climate is Improving, But Still Lags Behind Most Neighbors

File photo of Republican Wisconsin Governor Walker speaking in Milwaukee

Despite Scott Walker’s tax cuts

House Gives Businesses A Break, White House Threatens To Veto

money-counting-1024x731 reuters

‘Tax break was never intended to be a corporate giveaway’

Laffer: E-Commerce Sales Taxes Could Boost State Economies

Art Laffer

Favors cutting other taxes

How Has The Government Wasted Your Money? Let Us Count The Ways

(Photo: Creative Commons/Flickr)

Really, what would we do without robot squirrels?

Pa. Schools Spike Taxes Without Vote To Preserve Pensions

Detroit city workers and retirees protest against the city's municipal bankruptcy filing, outside the Federal courthouse in Detroit

The state’s pension shortfall is the fourth-worst in the country

Survey: Texas, Utah, Idaho Most Business-Friendly States

A shopper looks at Sony Corp's Vaio PCs at an electronics retail store in Tokyo

‘Ease of compliance with tax and regulatory systems’