The Moral Case For Low Taxation

Opinion | David Weinberger
WASHINGTON - AUGUST 30: The Internal Revenue Service building is shown August 30, 2006 in Washington DC. (Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Tax cuts don’t cause poverty. In fact, there is evidence that that contrary is true.

The "Advertising Tax" Isn't Just Harmful, It's Un-American

Opinion | Mitchell Gunter

Our economy would certainly be harmed in the long run.

Pass Small Business Tax Reform Now

Opinion | Alfredo Ortiz
Money to burn concept, one hundred dollar bills burning in a toaster (Shutterstock/Brian A Jackson )

Don’t let Washington block much-needed relief.

Three Easy Pieces: A Simple Get-It-Done-Now Economic Plan

Opinion | Larry Kudlow
A money counter counts 100 U.S dollar banknotes in Kiev, Ukraine, October 31, 2016. REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko

Ignore the latest media-invented hysterics. American voters want policy results that will deliver a return to economic prosperity.

Arcane Budget Rules Threaten Tax Reform

Opinion | Cesar Conda

The GOP has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for reform. They shouldn’t settle for a temporary tax cut.

The Delusion That's Bankrupting America

Opinion | Alan Keyes
Attendees sit under the debt clock set in motion to tally the national debt after the chairman of the Republican National Convention (RNC) Reince Priebus gaveled the convention to order at the Tampa Bay Times Forum in Tampa, Florida, on August 27, 2012. (Photo: STAN HONDA/AFP/GettyImages)

Trump’s budget doesn’t even include absolute cuts. It just slows the rate of spending increases.

President Trump's Growth Budget

Opinion | Larry Kudlow
US President Donald Trump arrives at the Hotel San Domenico on the second day of the G7 summit of Heads of State and of Government, on May 27, 2017 in Taormina, Sicily. (Photo credit: MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)

We’re finally talking workfare over welfare, and the left is screaming.

Trump Has Stayed True To His Voters

Opinion | Gary Shapiro

Thank you, President Trump, for making us a stronger nation.

Don't Bet Against Tax And Health-Care Reform In 2017

Opinion | Larry Kudlow
A doctor clutches a stethoscope. (Adam Berry / Getty Images News)

Don’t Bet Against Tax And Health-Care Reform In 2017

Supporting The Agenda

Opinion | Dan Celia

The Republican-controlled Senate needs to come to its senses and bring us real economic reforms.

Broadband Consultant Double-Dipping In Taxpayer Money

Opinion | Johnny Kampis
Obama Outlines Policy For Open And Free Internet

Taxpayer-funded broadband is the same old expensive, unnecessary snake oil.

The Conservative Alternative To A Carbon Tax

Opinion | Ed Lopez

Enacting “Zero Regrets” would be a victory for President Trump and the Republicans in Congress.

Hiking Carried Interest Tax Is A Liberal Dream

Opinion | Andrew F. Quinlan

President Trump can’t give the Democrats another win here.

Blow It Up

| John Linder

The American people sent a message to President Trump on November 8.

Another Farce Of Government-Shutdown Theater

Opinion | Craig Eyermann
The U.S. Capitol Building is lit at sunset in Washington, U.S., December 20, 2016. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

If nobody misses non-essential government functions during shutdown, maybe we can do without them.

Promises Made, Promises Kept: Trump And The First 100 Days

Opinion | Ralph Reed
Guests watch a video of U.S. President Donald Trump as he addresses the 15th Plenary Assembly of the World Jewish Congress in New York City, U.S., April 23, 2017. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

On personnel and policy Trump has delivered for social conservatives.

Joy Behar: Trump Ran For President To 'Cut His Own Taxes'

Entertainment | Mike Raust

Said he could save ‘billions’

Reforming America's Disastrous Tax System Is Long Overdue

Opinion | Rep. Francis Rooney
WASHINGTON - AUGUST 30: The Internal Revenue Service building is shown August 30, 2006 in Washington DC. (Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

No country has ever taxed its way to prosperity.

Fiscal Conservatism Is An Illusion In Today's Politics

Opinion | Jerrod Laber
Birds are silhouetted as they fly over the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and the U.S. Capitol at sunrise on election day in Washington November 8, 2016. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

We”re witnessing the same borrowing and spending policies that we’ve had for more than half a century.

Taxpayers Shouldn't Bear The Cost Of Heavy Trucks On The Road

Opinion | Drew Johnson
Classic Kenworth W900B semi moves along scenic highway (Taina Sohlman/Shutterstock)

Trucks need to pay their fair share.