Government Website Redesigns Bleed Taxpayers Dry

| Ross Marchand
'Spending more than $100,000 for a sleek new website can seem like a drop in the bucket'

A Catastrophe: The Government Is Abusing Kittens At Taxpayers' Expense

op-ed | Roger Stone
'Taxpayer-funded animal torture'

Government Contracting Reform Benefits Taxpayers

op-ed | Mario H. Lopez
It's what the nation deserve

Illinois Won't Reform Its Outdated Union Bargaining Rules, And The People Are Paying The Price

op-ed | Mailee Smith
The Land of Lincoln is the poster child for how not to keep government costs low

House Bill Wants US To Break From UN

Politics | Jordan Fox
'A complete waste of American tax dollars'

University President Goes On Bigfoot Expedition, Charges Taxpayers

Education | Eric Owens
'People use monies from the taxpayers to do research. For Bigfoot or whatever'

Taxpayers On The Hook, Again

US | Kathryn Watson
HUD isn't keeping an eye on risky home loans that are wasting millions

Jeb Bush Is Learning The Wrong Lesson From His Father About Tax Hikes

Opinion | Grover Norquist
For Reagan Republicans, a crisis is a teaching moment for reforming government to cost less.

Taxpayer-Funded U. Wisconsin Chancellor Spends Her Days Lobbying Alumni Against Scott Walker

Education | Eric Owens
Loaded one-percenter Rebecca Blank makes $495,000 a year, pleads against budget cuts

Record total number US taxpayers renounce citizenship in 2013

US | Caroline May
'Some go so far as to say that the US tax and disclosure laws are downright oppressive'

IRS watchdog: BILLIONS paid out in potentially fraudulent refunds due to false or stolen EINs

Politics | Caroline May
Fraud may cost taxpayers $11.4 billion over the next five years

Report: Record number of taxpayers flee US over taxes

US | Caroline May
The total for 2013 represents a 33 percent increase over the previous high in 2011

British taxpayers fund aspiring model's breast implant surgery [VIDEO]

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler
Josie Cunningham's size 34A cup caused her 'emotional distress'

Taxpayer funds wasted on flawed agenda-driven study, expert says

Business | Betsi Fores
MIT telecommunications director: OECD's methodology fundamentally flawed

Federal agency sought motivational-speaker magician, now wants plans to disappear

Politics | Associated Press
NOAA sought magician, now wants plans to disappear

NYC-funded group teaches homeless to break, enter, squat

US | David Martosko
NYC-funded group teaches homeless to break, enter, squat

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