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Patent Reform Splitting Republicans, Business Community

iPad mini

Small business impact debated

Electronic sharing bill CISPA would violate rule of law, critics argue

Digital privacy AP

Bill would allow companies to break contracts, share info with government

Does cable really have a 97% profit margin?


It’s another misleading statistic all too easily accepted by those who insist that cable is a rapacious monopoly requiring public utility regulation.

Oregon senator, tech think tank engage on GPS tracking case - TheDC

Ron Wyden

‘Technological advances have made ’round-the-clock tracking of large numbers of people increasingly easy’

Monster Cable example points to 'E-Parasites' flaws, critics say - TheDC

Jolly Roger

Company blacklists “rogue” online product sales of eBay, Costco, Sears

DC tech sector host 80s party, bring attention to '86 privacy law - CNET


‘The companies sponsoring this night of nostalgia include Google and Facebook, which are hoping to visibly highlight how out-of-date a law enacted 25 years ago today has become in an age of cloud computing, gigabit networks, and terabyte storage’

TechFreedom: Search my e-communications? Not without a warrant - TheDC

Texting While Walking

Liberal, conservative groups form coalition to demand search warrants before gov. monitoring of emails and cell phones