A Return Of Earmarks? Not So Fast

Opinion | David Williams

The GOP has a responsibility to keep them out of spending bills.

Who's really responsible for Obamacare? The answer may surprise you

Opinion | David Williams

The party that wants to shut down government over it didn’t used to be so trustworthy.

TPM takes down story on Ted Stevens buying cocaine - TheDC

Politics | Steven Nelson

Talking Points Memo removes article citing drug dealer as its main source

The new fiscal responsibility

op-ed | Christopher Hartman

Two issues — earmarks and defense spending cuts — are creating a rift between the establishment GOP and the Tea Party.

Incumbents challenged over pet projects - AP

Business | admin

Incumbents are finding that bringing home the bacon isn’t working as well as it used to

Senate race in Alaska is bitter and unpredictable - AP

Politics | admin

For Alaskan voters, this year’s Senate election is venturing into unexplored territory

Democrat closing gap in Alaska Senate race - TheDC

Politics | Jon Ward

A new poll by a conservative group shows Democrat Scott McAdams polling nearly even with Joe Miller and Lisa Murkowski

Ted Stevens buried at Arlington - AP

US | admin

Dozens of his Senate colleagues were among the hundreds attending the burial rites on a hillside at Arlington National Cemetery

Prosecutor in Ted Stevens case commits suicide - AP

US | admin

Nicholas A. Marsh committed suicide while under investigation over whether he and other attorneys in the prosecution of Sen. Ted Stevens acted improperly in the case

Sen. Murkowski’s defeat marks major tea party win - AP

Politics | admin

Alaskan senator was unable to avoid the fate that has befallen other incumbents nationwide, from both parties

Plane crashes are sadly all too common in Alaska - AP

US | admin

The crash that killed Ted Stevens and four others this week has served as a tragic reminder about just how dangerous flying is in Alaska

Scene of Stevens plane crash horrific - AP

US | admin

Stevens was one of five people who were killed Monday; four survived and remain hospitalized

New Hampshire candidate wished Palin was in plane crash - TheDC

Politics | Alex Pappas

Keith Halloran remarked on Facebook that he wished the former Alaska governor and Levi Johnston were on the flight that killed Ted Stevens

Former GOP Senator Ted Stevens dies in plane crash - CNN

Politics | Pat McMahon

The private plane carrying Stevens and a former head of NASA crashed Monday night in a rugged stretch of Alask

Plane crashes in Western Alaska with 8 aboard - Anchorage Daily News

Politics | Pat McMahon

Former U.S. Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) may have been on board the flight

Alaska's Sen. Lisa Murkowski emerges from her father's shadow - The Hill

Politics | interns

Murkowski’s voice is being heard, and she has emerged from the shadow of former governor and Sen. Frank Murkowski

The government takes over the Internet

Opinion | Phil Kerpen

Despite the protestations of Federal Communications Chairman Julius Genachowski that he has found a “third way” forward on regulating the Internet, the only place his path will lead is to a tightly-regulated, government-utility Internet