Trump Delays Moving American Embassy In Israel From Tel Aviv To Jerusalem

Politics | Kaitlan Collins

He had to make a decision by Friday

Christian Leaders Urge Trump To Recognize Jerusalem As Israel's Capital

World | Kerry Picket

‘It is not a good idea to continue waiting’

The Families Of Palestinian Bombing Victims Are Suing Facebook For $1 Billion

Business | Eric Lieberman
Computer Terrorist [Shutterstock - Stokkete]

‘Recruiting, radicalizing and instructing’

Terror In Tel Aviv: What American Gun Owners Can Learn From This Attack

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | Harold Hutchison

Regardless of location and laws, you are responsible for your own security

Video Of Cops Beating Black IDF Soldier Leads To Chaos In Israel's Tel Aviv

World | Ivan Plis

‘We didn’t do a Baltimore’

Hamas Threatens To Restart Gaza War After Truce Ends: 'Our Fingers Are On The Trigger'

Video | Brendan Bordelon

‘We will go back and fight through the tunnels’

Terrorists bomb bus in Tel Aviv - JPost

World | The Jerusalem Post
Tel Aviv bus explosion. (Photo courtesy: Ziv Oren/Getty Images)

28 hospitalized in Wednesday morning attack

Jewish group launches ad featuring liberal criticism of Obama's record on Israel - TheDC

Politics | Ryan Lovelace
Jewish Ad

This ad launch comes just ahead of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s trip to Israel on Sunday

Cairo rally: One day we'll kill all Jews - Israel News

World | Kells Hetherington

Muslim Brotherhood holds venomous anti-Israel rally in Cairo mosque Friday; Islamic activists chant: Tel Aviv, judgment day has come

Jews speak out against decision to honor Helen Thomas - TheDC

Politics | Caroline May

Prominent Jewish voices are speaking out against the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee’s decision to honor the former WH reporter and harsh critic of Israel

Not shocked by Journolist scandal

Opinion | Benjamin Kerstein

The suggestion that Republicans and conservatives should be slandered as racist is not surprising either, since this is the default position of the liberal establishment in general

Israel: 'No chance' of a Palestinian state by 2012 - NYT

World | interns

Israel’s foreign minister said, ‘One can dream and imagine, but we are far from reaching understandings and an agreement’

Israel launches Ofek 9 spy satellite - AP

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The satellite’s high resolution camera would significantly boost Israel’s intelligence gathering, officials told local media.

Palin's party goes global - The Daily Caller

Politics | Kyle Peterson

International protest groups take up “Tea Party” flag in Moscow, Tel Aviv and The Hague

Israeli PM defends Gaza blockade - AP

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Netanyahu insisted the blockade was needed to prevent militants from being able to carrying out attacks against Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

Israel deports flotilla activists after world outcry - Reuters

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Officials sending 682 passengers home to 35 countries Wednesday as the country vows to stop other ships from reaching Gaza

Allowing Chomsky into Israel is much more than a free-speech issue

Opinion | Benjamin Kerstein

Chomsky has been, throughout his long career, a consistent and dedicated supporter and/or apologist for tyranny, terrorism, political violence of all kinds, and sometimes horrifying acts of mass murder

Surely I’m not crazy …

Feature:Opinion | Anchorman

Anchorman sits down with his shrink to talk about his dreams. And the administration crushing them

Caution: Biden Xing - The Daily Caller

Politics | Yarden Gazit

Biden’s condemnation of a construction project in a Jewish neighborhood in east Jerusalem became the international focus of his visit to the Holy Land. But for average Israelis, Biden’s visit caused problems of a much more practical nature — major traffic jams