Syrian forces capture US Satcom gear [VIDEO]

Tech | Grae Stafford

Manufacturer staying quiet on what it is, what it does and what it costs

Europe falling behind in broadband

Opinion | Zack Christenson

The European telecom companies are having a very rough go of it, with the harsh regulatory climate making them much less valuable.

States postpone dreams of international control of the Internet - TheDC

Tech | Josh Peterson
Google's China headquarters in Beijing. Alexander F. Yuan/AP

China, Russia and Arab states withdraw support after uproar

LightSquared doubles lobby efforts - The Hill

Tech | interns

LightSquared is on pace to spend twice as much on lobbying in 2011

Trading barbs with Microsoft, Google accuses the software giant of cheating - TechCrunch

Tech | interns

In a sting operation cooked up by Google, Microsoft allegedly copied search results for its search engine Bing

Egypt blocks Twitter, Facebook amid violent protests - TechCrunch

| interns

Inspired by the recent Tunisian demonstrations against corruption, protesters are filling the streets of Cairo

WikiLeaks: less 'leaks,' more data-mining? - Wired

Tech | interns

A Pennsylvania firm asserts that WikiLeaks sucked up and published data-rich files from peer-to-peer networks

Facebook knows what you look like - WaPo

Tech | interns

New Facebook technology will scan faces in photos to give tag suggestions for newly uploaded photos

Visited porn? Web browser flaw secretly bares all - AP

Tech | wrahn

Websites have been secretly harvesting lists of places that their users previously visited online, everything from news articles to bank sites to pornography

Russian crackdown reduces world's spam by one-fifth - NYT

Tech | interns

Igor A. Gusev, leader of SpamIt, investigated by Russian police

Google says whole emails, passwords picked up by Street View cars - Telegraph

Tech | Paul Conner

Company apologized and said it wants to delete the information as soon as possible

iPad escapes AT&T prison, heads for Verizon Oct. 28 - Gizmodo

Tech | interns

Release seems to lend even more credence to those early 2011 Verizon iPhone reports, which should make you as happy as it makes AT&T nervous

The five factors powering the Android revolution - ZDNet

Tech | interns

Google Android has been riding a wave of staggering growth in 2010, going from barely a blip on the market share radar to the fastest growing mobile platform on the planet

Google's Android dominates Apple, defines future of smart-phones - Newsweek

Tech | interns

Android’s open-source model gives Google an advantage over rivals selling closed systems, like Apple, which also operates its own online stores

Phone sex for nerds - TechCrunch

Tech | interns

New take on internet dating allows users to challenge women to an online game, for 60 cents a minute

Pedophiles remain unchecked on Facebook - FOX News

Tech | interns

Despite Facebook’s strict posting policy, groups dedicated to pedophilia use social networking to organize and prey on children

The day Twitter cried 'earthquake' - CNN

Tech | Paul Conner

Natural disaster experts at San Diego State University tested how social media would be used to respond to a crisis Friday

AT&T plays world's smallest violin for iPhone users - TechCrunch

Tech | interns

Boasting that 80 percent of iPhone users are stuck with AT&T, CEO not worried about defectors to Verizon

Censorship, as defined by Google - TechCrunch

Tech | interns

Google issues ‘transparency report,’ equates countries that block access to site as censorship

Bill to freeze cell phone taxes gains ground - CNET News

Politics | interns

Taxes on wireless services average more than 15 percent, compared with 7 percent on other taxable goods