Man Allegedly Slaughtered With Hatchet After Killer Was Denied Gun

Guns and Gear | Molly Prince
Previously arrested near White House

Here's Where Tennessee's Republican Candidates GOP Stand On Abortion

Politics | Grace Carr
'I'm pro-life and I'm pro-adoption'

After Getting Arrested At White House, Man Returns Home And Allegedly Slaughtered His Ex-Boss With A Hatchet

US | Thomas Phippen
At least one hatchet, maybe two

Diane Black Says Kids Shoot Up Schools Because There's Too Much Porn

US | Thomas Phippen
'I go back to root causes'

Trump Wants To Rebuild America, And He Wants To Do It 'With These Big, Beautiful Hands'

Politics | Justin Caruso
'Look at these hands'

Trump Asks Crowd What He Should Call MS-13 -- They Roar Back With A Clear Answer

Politics | Justin Caruso
'They are not human beings'

Tennessee Gov. To Allow Banning Of Sanctuary Cities

Politics | Mike Brest
'The best thing for the state'

Elderly Woman Robbed -- In A Church Parking Lot

US | Henry Rodgers
Hospitalized. Suspect on the run.

Police Find $1 Million In Heroin Stuffed Inside Fire Extinguisher

US | Steve Birr
Nearly 17 pounds

Pro Wrestler Kane Appears To Have Won GOP Mayoral Primary In Tennessee

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'Historic victory'

BREAKING -- Waffle House Shooting Suspect Arrested

US | Justin Caruso
Police captured him.

29-Year-Old Man Saved Numerous Lives During Tennessee Waffle House Shooting, Police Say

US | Henry Rodgers
'A Hero'

A Man Walked Into A Waffle House Wearing Only A Jacket. He Took The Jacket Off And Opened Fire. 4 People Are Dead And Cops Are On A Manhunt

US | Ryan Pickrell
Fled the scene on foot

Trump Endorses Marsha Blackburn For US Senate

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'Will be there to campaign with her!'

Tennessee Strips Memphis Of Celebration Money For City’s Removal Of Confederate Statues

US | Rob Shimshock
'It is un-Christian'

ICE Kicks Down Doors At A Tennessee Slaughterhouse For Hiring Illegal Aliens In A Scheme To Avoid Taxes

US | Will Racke
More worksite enforcement

EXCLUSIVE: Ever Get Fired For Being Pro-Life? Congress Is Looking To Protect Your Beliefs

Politics | Robert Donachie
'This is the time'

Democratic Mayor Admits To Stealing $10,000 From Taxpayers To Fund Her Affair, So Why Isn't She Headed To Jail?

Politics | Henry Rodgers
Three years probation

Dem Mayor Who Had Expensive Affair With Bodyguard Expected To Resign

Politics | Henry Rodgers
Could face criminal charges

Former Police Officer Finds New Job Allegedly Pushing Heroin To The Streets He Once Protected

US | Steve Birr
Roughly 100 doses of heroin

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