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The Daily Caller endorses Mark 'Coonrippy' Brown for Governor of Tennessee

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A conservative we can believe in

Nation breathes collective sigh of relief after gay American flag returned unscathed

Photo: WTVF screenshot

‘We never expected to see this flag again’

Tennessee Red Lobster Waitress suspended after posting receipt with racial slur

Red Lobster

Customer gave a racial slur instead of a tip

America's pension crisis is really bad

Detroit Bankruptcy.JPEG

Really, really bad

Lamar Alexander draws a challenger from the right

Sen. Lamar Alexander.AP Images.

See who

Skinny-dipping wife distracts neighbor so husband can rob the house

skinny dipping woman

Awesome idea, except they forgot to rob someone that didn’t know them

Pro wrestler may be next GOP senator from Tennessee

WWE Wrestler Kane

Former WWE world champion Kane understands why tea party wants to body-slam ‘RINO’ Sen. Lamar Alexander

Tennessee's 'guns in parking lots' bill a net drain on liberty

The proposed bill would allow gun owners to keep firearms locked in their cars at their places of employment.

Tennessee state senator's bill would ban diversity programs on college campuses - TheDC

Tennesssee magnet

‘It’s a little demeaning, I think, to classify people in those categories’

School choice: Spreading like a prairie fire

Tennessee, Texas and North Carolina are poised to pass statewide school voucher initiatives this year.

Nashville NHL team surprises youth league with full stadium of fans [VIDEO] - TheDC

Fans cheer the young hockey players.

Young players treated like pros with band, cheerleaders, announcer and post-game interviews

The Whiskey Rebellion, November 2012 - TheDC

American Revolution painting. By John Trumbull.

90 proof that American isn’t completely doomed

Southern governors dismiss talk of seceding from the US

Saying No to Obamacare.JPEG

‘I don’t think we’ll be seceding’

Tenn. economic development officer takes leave to work on Romney transition team - TheDC

Mitt Romney

Romney’s transition team is being led by former Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt

Tenn. Democratic Party disavows its own US Senate nominee - TheDC

Mark Clayton Tennessee Senate

Stealth conservative wins, Democrats say he is member of ‘hate group’

State rep forwards Obama assassination attempt theory to constituents - TheDC

Kelly Keisling

Rep. Kelly Keisling passed along a conspiracy theory that suggests Obama plans on faking an assassination attempt in order to delay Nov. election

Administration ignores state wishes, sends $395K to Tenn. Planned Parenthood - TheDC

Planned Parenthood

State’s counties chose to defund Planned Parenthood in 2011

TheDC's Political Roundup - TheDC

KKK. Getty Images.

Across the USA: Infighting, violence, the KKK, an unwanted candidate, a primary and a debate

Tennessee tea party candidate has history of fraud, bankruptcy - TheDCNF

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Brenda Lenard, a self-described “level-headed Republican,”  is running as a tea party candidate against incumbent Sen. Bob Corker in the Tennessee Republican primary. Lenard’s history of fraud and bankruptcy, however, may pose a problem for her candidacy. An investigation by InvestigativeCheck uncovered that Lenard, a black, single mom who grew up in the projects, is [...]

TN Democrats sending Ashley Judd as delegate to DNC convention - AP

Ashley Judd

Judd will join delegates from all 50 states at the convention