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This High School Might As Well Change Its Name To 'Jihadi High'

Two dead American terrorists from the same school

MSNBC Host Calls ISIS 'So-Called Terrorist Forces'

ISIS has beheaded, burnt and crucified its way through northern Iraq

CNN's Candy Crowley Grills Susan Rice: 'Point Blank, Did The US Negotiate With Terrorists?'

Dodge: ‘We actually negotiated with the government of Qatar’

American Suicide Bomber Was A Creepy Cat Lover Who Liked Eggo Waffles


‘May Allah accept him’

Afghan terrorist turns himself in for $100 reward - TheDC

Mohammad Ashan

Mohammed Ashan walked right up to a poster with his face on it and demanded the finders fee

Former NYSE CEO Dick Grasso reflects on 9/11 - AP

Wall Street

It was 8:46 a.m. and Wall Street was almost ready for business when the first plane hit the World Trade Center a decade ago

The Red Eye Podcast: Get Rich and Die Trying to Save Julia Roberts from Terrorists - TheDC

Andy looks at apartments that don’t have bathrooms, while Greg would rather go out in the woods

Dem: Negotiating with GOP like negotiating with 'terrorists' - ABC

Sen. Bob Menendez lashes out at Republicans for opposing Democratic efforts to extend only some Bush tax cuts

Comedy Central developing Jesus Christ cartoon - THR

Not just an episode, an entire animated series

New gun laws proposed after Times Square scare - Washington Times

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, others urge Congress to pass legislation to keep known terrorists from buying guns in the US

Bloomberg: U.S. has 'terror gap' in gun laws - WAPO

New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg told a Senate panel Wednesday that he strongly supports congressional efforts to close a “terror gap” in the nation’s gun laws

Nelson defects from Dems - again - The Hill

Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson joined a bipartisan effort on Wednesday to block the administration from trying the Sept. 11th suspects in civilian courts

Obama, Beyonce and Gaddafi: Too close for comfort

In December 2008, American superstar Mariah Carey was en route to the luxorious island paradise St. Barths to meet members of the Gaddafi family, known supporters of terrorism. She was paid by Muammar al-Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam, who laid down 1 million for the singer to perform at his New Year’s Eve Party. Less than 20 days later, Carey would take a Washington, D.C. stage to serenade President Barack Obama with her hit “Hero” as the new U.S. president stood before the world with his wife at the Presidential Inauguration.