Study: Families With Split Political Ideologies Spent 34 Million Less Hours At Thanksgiving

Politics | Julia Cohen
Partisan divides might have led to earlier departures

YouTube Goes Full SJW

Tech | Scott Greer
Out with the gravy, in with the woke takes

10 Things Pilgrims Handled That Would Melt The Modern Snowflake

Slideshow | Ford Springer
It was survival of the fittest back then

We Give You A 'Seinfeld' Narration Of The History Of Thanksgiving

Satire | Dave Brooks
'You pass the pumpkin pie. We'll pass out the smallpox'

Things To Be Thankful For (And Not Thankful For) For This Thanksgiving

Opinion | Ron Hart
A list of random things

Celebrate Thanksgiving With These Hilarious Trump Tweets

US | Amber Athey
'I love you all, even my many enemies'

Here Is What The Trump Family Is Eating For Thanksgiving

Politics | Alex Pfeiffer
Sound yummy to you?

Trump Thanks Troops On Thanksgiving, Says 'We're Letting You Win'

Politics | Jonah Bennett
'They weren't letting you win before'

Prepare For Thanksgiving With These Naughty Native Americans [SLIDESHOW]

Entertainment | Ford Springer
They look pretty good holding tomahawks

Here's How Thanksgiving Day Is Actually A Christian Holiday

US | Joshua Gill
'Praise to our beneficent Father'

Mike Huckabee Jokingly 'Cooked' The Turkey Pardoned By Trump

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'I may have misunderstood'

Happy Thanksgiving - Shoutout To America For Being The Greatest

Editorial | David Hookstead
Party hard

Celebrate Thanksgiving With These Women Who Don't Use Much Dressing

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
Thankful indeed

We Literally Brought Two Deep Fryers And Two Fat Turkeys Into The Office. Here’s What Happened

Video | Justin Caruso
The Daily Caller FEASTED on this food

'Etiquette Expert' Shares Tips On How To Survive Thanksgiving Conversation

US | Nick Givas
'You can endure just about anything for one day'

GQ Writer Suggests Ruining Thanksgiving As Anti-Trump Protest

Editorial | Jena Greene
This is a bad idea

'View' Host Sets Up Safe Space For Thanksgiving

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
'Just take it into the room'

Chuck Schumer Can Take His Thanksgiving Joke About Republicans And Stuff It

Politics | Amber Athey

America's Gas Bill Will Be $800 Million Higher This Thanksgiving. Here's Why

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'This year has been unique at the pumps'

TSA Incompetence May Make Thanksgiving Travel Even Worse Than Usual

US | Anders Hagstrom
Oh joy, new security measures

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