How Obamacare Hurt Us, Personally

Opinion | Christopher Bedford
Barack Obama at Temple Emanu-El on Nov. 6, 2013. Brendan SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images.

Even its biggest fans think Obamacare is a fantasy clown train barreling off the page

The Daily Caller Visits The NRA Headquarter's Gun Range

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

An office outing that’s just appropriate


US | Eric Owens
Getty Images, Getty Images, Creative Commons/Jim Padgett YouTube screenshot/CNN

The Daily Caller’s Alpha and Omega of racism is now complete

Dem Senator Upset After Daily Caller's 'Nasty' Attack

Politics | Patrick Howley
U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) speaks at a campaign stop to receive the endorsement of the NARAL Pro-Choice New Hampshire PAC in Manchester

‘They don’t have anything at stake here in New Hampshire’

Announcing The Daily Caller's Diversity Initiative

Satire | Scoops Delacroix

When people think ‘Gay,’ we want them to think ‘Tucker Carlson’

Department of Labor Bans Employees From Talking To The Daily Caller

Politics | Patrick Howley

Strike! Strike! Strike!

RNC Spokesman Calls For Conservative Media -- Including The Daily Caller -- To Moderate Presidential Debates

Daily Caller News Foundation | Brendan Bordelon

‘The conservative media is a heckuva lot tougher than the mainstream media’

The Daily Caller: There's a problem in journalism [VIDEO]

Satire | The Daily Caller

And it isn’t what you’d think

The MLA's moral and intellectual bankruptcy is a symptom of the Academy's decline

Opinion | Bruce Cole and Michael Poliakoff
Harvard University (Getty Images)

They’ll let in the NSA, and the DNI, but not the Daily Caller.


Opinion | Patrick Howley

We will not be silent

Daily Caller blazes past Politico in web traffic

Business | The Daily Caller

‘Unlike a lot of Washington based publications, we don’t suck up to power, ever, and we think our readers appreciate that’

Howard Dean goes crazy for The Daily Caller

Video | The Daily Caller

Wild man of the Green Mountains raps the truth about the rightwing media in red-hot remix

Suppress the press: The Obama administration's history of targeting the media

Politics | Jeff Poor and Vince Coglianese
Barack Obama Spokesman

Obama and his allies frequently use presidential power to try to silence critics

The Daily Caller: Our Story

Satire | Daily Caller Productions

It’s a legendary story. Everybody knows it

Millennials: The demographic group Republicans should really be targeting

Opinion | Peter Tucci

Why the GOP should rebuild its coalition around younger voters.

Memorial Day to Election Day: The Daily Caller gun giveaway - TheDC

Guns and Gear | Mike Piccione
The Daily Caller is giving away one 9mm FMK 9C1 handgun every week between Memorial Day and Election Day. Each of these American-made weapons comes engraved with the Bill of Rights on the slide.

Yes, it’s true: TheDC brings you 25 weekly reminders about why we vote

The Daily Caller celebrates second anniversary - TheDC

| The Daily Caller

Two years later, it’s just as true as ever: ‘They Won’t. We Will’

Obama admin seals records of murdered Border Patrol agent - Weekly Standard

Politics | InternAdmin
The Border Gun Scandal

Agent murdered with guns linked to Fast and Furious

Holder calls for media silence, watchdogs scratch fleas - TheDC

Politics | Neil Munro
Eric Holder

Watchdogs don’t condemn AG’s demands media ‘stop this’ reporting on Fast and Furious