Fed proposes new, tougher rules for big banks - AP

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The rules are part of new regulation proposed under the Dodd-Frank Act

TheDC Morning: Wall Streeters want what Fannie's having - TheDC

| Mike Riggs

Read TheDC Morning: An unvarnished e-mail summary of what’s really happening in political news

Keith Olbermann starts the year off right - TheDC

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We watch, because we’re paid to

Bernanke risks return of Carter-era inflation - Bloomberg

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With interest rates already near zero, the Fed will be aiming to increase the rate of inflation and reduce the cost of borrowing

AT&T plays world's smallest violin for iPhone users - TechCrunch

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Boasting that 80 percent of iPhone users are stuck with AT&T, CEO not worried about defectors to Verizon

Holla for a dolla - TheDC

Politics | Amanda Carey

Huge monetary incentives to future whistleblowers in new finance reform bill

A White House August surprise?

Opinion | Chet Nagle

A rumor has gone viral. From journalists to bankers, brokers, and bloggers, the buzz is that the White House is about to spring an August surprise

Goldman Sachs to shift principal strategies into a fund - Bloomberg

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The company may announce as soon as tomorrow plans to discontinue the business,

Companies pay big money for cap and trade permits - New Jersey Watchdog

US | Pat McMahon

Ten states have sold roughly $662 million in permits to companies that will hike up the price higher and then sell them to power plants

The end of s----- deals - WSJ

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In the wake of embarrassing profanity that came to light in recent Congressional hearings led by Sen. Carl Levin, Goldman Sachs has moved to prohibit employees from swearing in emails

Goldman Sachs profit drops 82%, missing estimates - WAPO

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Goldman Sachs said 2nd-quarter profit dropped 82%, missing analysts’ estimates on a slide in trading revenue

Law reshapes U.S. financial landscape - NYT

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Congress approved a rewrite of rules touching every corner of finance, from ATM cards to traders, in the biggest expansion of government power over banking and markets since the Depression

LCG Election Monitor - Will plugging the leak save the Dems in Nov? - TheDC

Politics | Steve Lombardo

The American public has lost faith in government and by extension has lost faith in Obama

JPMorgan Chase easily exceeds forecasts - NYT

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Company’s net income rose 76 percent in the last year

December 15, 2011: The last day of BP

Opinion | Bill Regardie

Hey, Frank. Can you believe it was only 18 months ago you guys announced the sale of the first piece of BP – that $10 billion Alaska plot they nicknamed Palin’s Peaks – to start paying for their Gulf clean up?

Goldman, AIG face off in Congress over swap values - WSJ

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Sparring between Goldman Sachs and AIG moved into the public eye Thursday as the FCIC sought answers to the financial meltdown

BP's cry for cash - FOX Business

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Oil spill causes BP to go back to banks for more funding