Obama not likely to receive challenge from 'professional left' - The Hill

Politics | Pat McMahon

Two prominent liberals, Dennis Kucinich and Howard Dean, have ruled out challenging the president in 2012

Time to get ground troops out of Afghanistan - now

Editorial | Lanny Davis

I believe we may now, as in 1975, be approaching a critical mass of American public opinion that, after nine years in Afghanistan, there is no apparent mission that can justify a single additional U.S. life or casualty

Purple Nation: Transparency by 'shorts' on 'for-profit' schools needed too

Opinion | Lanny Davis

We need oversight and regulation for sure. We also need full disclosure and transparency by short-seller critics — for sure too

Purple Nation: President Obama's opportunity for a 'Sister Souljah' moment

Opinion | Lanny Davis

Two events last week involving elements of the Democratic Party who call themselves the “true progressives” show a danger they represent to the progressive change they say they want to effect

The Paul-Maddow interview: A liberal’s second thoughts

Opinion | Lanny Davis

Shocking, just shocking, that Rand Paul may actually be a real, authentic “Mr. Smith” who is ready to come to Washington to stick to his principles, come what may. Come to think of it, he does remind me of Jimmy Stewart and Mr. Smith. He certainly talks like him

GOP says campaign finance amendment favors union - The Daily Caller

Politics | Mike Riggs

Accusation comes as House Dems refuse to implement campaign finance restrictions targeting unions

Purple Nation: Finding a true path to true peace in Mideast

Opinion | Lanny Davis

True peace must converge with good-faith negotiations and a final two-state peace agreement with security for Israelis and Palestinians.

Purple Nation: Sestak for Senate

Opinion | Lanny Davis

In all my years in politics, Joe Sestak projects an inner peace and authenticity I haven’t seen often in a candidate

Big Labor gets exempt from free-speech-killing bill

Opinion | Timothy Lee

While Van Hollen and Schumer move to prevent TARP recipients from election spending, they hold the gate open for Big Labor

Harry Reid and Bob Bennett: Color them purple - LANNY DAVIS

Opinion | Lanny Davis

I am betting that these two decent men — both of whom I disagree with on some issues because they are not liberal enough for me — will, when all is said and done, win reelection

Say it ain’t so, Sen. McCain

Opinion | Lanny Davis

Purple Nation: Eric Holder is right on civilian trials of terrorists

Opinion | Lanny Davis

There should be no trade-off between being ‘tough’ on suspected terrorists and trying them in the U.S. criminal justice system of which we should be so proud

Purple Nation: For Dems, now the work begins

Opinion | Lanny Davis

If Democrats are to avoid a political bloodbath in November, the president and Democratic congressional leaders must spend substantial time in the coming weeks explaining the health care bill