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Obscure Liberal Magazine Criticizes Potential Presidential Candidate For Excessive 'Whiteness'

Hillary Clinton Getty Images/Alex Wong

The New Republic struggles mightily for relevancy

Liberal mag: Yeah, turns out Romney was right

Mitt Romney
Russia is kind of a big deal

Stephen Glass will not be allowed to practice law

A policeman is seen through the bullet-shattered glass window of a vehicle at the site of a shooting in Mansehra

‘Many of his efforts from the time of his exposure … seem to have been directed primarily at advancing his own well-being rather than returning something to the community’

How the left hides the REAL JFK

JFK speaks at a podium. Reuters.

How a hawkish, tax-cutting supply sider murdered by a communist became a liberal martyr cut down by rightwing hate

The New Republic bashes Rand Paul for caring about Syrian Christians

United States-Syria

Magazine claims Paul’s worries ‘sound distinctly like the garbage about America being a Christian nation’

BEDFORD: Who feels bad for the Muslim Brotherhood?

Let me play you the world’s smallest violin

Photographer defends Rand Paul photo shoot depicting senator as a liar

Rand Paul Cant Be Trusted

‘I’m not a gotcha journalist’

Bedford: New Republic shoots the wrong NRA eagle

NRA cover j

So we all know that most liberals don’t know the first thing about guns, but we did kind of assume that most of them have an idea about graphic design. But what happens when those two subjects collide?

The new New Republic and its gutless toadies

Is Chris Hughes the new Stephen Glass?

Goldberg, Krauthammer address 'grotesque' recent media coverage of Obama [VIDEO]

Goldberg, Krauthammer lament media coverage of Obama

REVEALED: 10 more questions from The New Republic's interview with President Obama - TheDC

Barack Obama,

The former 2008 Obama campaign staffer now helming the magazine ran out of time before he ran out of slobber

Stephen Glass is back! - AP

Stephen Glass. As a former writer for The New Republic, Stephen Glass' entire career was based on lies and deceit. He made up sources and quotes for years until the scandal finally broke in 1998. A film was made of

Former journalist who fabricated magazine articles for The New Republic challenging California for denying him a law license

Marty Peretz reminds me of my grandmother - TheDC

McConnell's next test

Will Mitch McConnell appoint spending-cutters to the Appropriations Committee?

Junk Science - TheDC

The left’s opposition to screening backlash falls into three easy categories, all of which blame conservatives

OPINION: J-school, fostering a culture of liberalism - TheDC

At Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism professors stress the need for impartiality, but fail to practice what they preach

Rules for racists

But when actual, genuine racism rears its ugly head within their own ranks (and make no mistake- it very often does), the radical socialists do everything they can to deflect, to distract, to evade, and- laughably- to denounce as racist anybody who points out and criticizes the racism of the radicals