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ABC Playing Ring Around The Rosie? May Re-Hire Liberal Leviathan

Former co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck addresses rumors

Could Sarah Palin Be Hired For 'The View'?

Could Sarah and Whoopi share a table?

'Spoken Like A True White Guy:' Whoopi Tries To Shut Down Guest Challenging Political Correctness

‘And I don’t mean it in a bad way . . .’

Has ABC Offered Monica Lewinsky A Job Hosting 'The View?'

‘Maybe she can take my place?’

When Barbara Walters Was Charmed By Fidel Castro

TV-The View-Hasselbeck.JPEG

Katie Couric says the outgoing View host was a ‘ballbusting’ interviewer. She wasn’t so hard on the Cuban dictator.

Biden won't rule out 2016 Hillary challenge: 'Whether she runs or not will not affect my decision'

‘A vice president has no inherent power’

Whoopi Goldberg blows it on Mormonism and military service [VIDEO] - TheDC

Ann Romney informs ‘The View’ co-host that Mormons do serve in the military

Obama appearing on 'The View' but not meeting with world leaders at UN - TheDC

‘There are telephones in the White House,’ explains Obama adviser’

Barbara Walters: 'Do you like it when he's rough?' - TheDC

‘The View’ co-host talks S&M with fellow hosts, shocks them with her blunt statements

As Oprah exits, 'The View' aims for top - AP

TV-The View

‘Oprah was the only other show that did some of the things that we did’

'The View' host Walters worries for Weiner: 'He's never had another job' - TheDC

‘He’s never had another job’

Joy Behar's defense of Gilbert Gottfried: 'People in concentration camps made jokes about each other' - TheDC

‘The View’ panelist offers a rationale for the former voice of the Aflac duck who was fired after making Twitter comments deemed insensitive about the Japanese earthquake

Whoopi Goldberg defends Michele Bachmann on 'The View' - TheDC

‘Whether we like her politics or not, still she should be given the respect to know that she’s talking to someone’

Behar doesn't know why MTV shouldn't target teens with anal sex - TheDC

View co-host Joy Behar’s dilemma: What’s the difference between ‘grown-ups’ and ‘young people’ talking about anal sex?

Barbara Walters disputes Ron Reagan's claims about father's mental state - TheDC

Moderator of 1984 Reagan-Mondale debate claims she spent more time with the president than either of his sons and never saw signs of Alzheimer’s

Barbara Walters: 'I'm feeling bad for Sarah Palin' - TheDC

‘The View’ co-host says it is ‘unfair’ to blame the former Alaska governor, even though Walters said she disagreed with the use of crosshairs

The King is dead ... and not a moment too soon

“Larry King Live” is now off the air, but the show’s insidious legacy — softball interview questions — will live on.

Anderson Cooper: 'When did the ladies on 'The View' turn into Dr. Evil from Austin Powers?' - TheDC

CNN host defends incoming Speaker of the House John Boehner emotional side in his ‘RidicuList’ segment; Says ‘just let the man cry already’

Hey Barbara, have you ever heard the one about the pot and the kettle?

Barbara Walter’s interview of Sarah Palin was such a textbook example of media bias, it bordered on parody. But few people know the full story.

Candidate Sharron Angle is a 'bitch'? - TheDC

Women’s groups outraged by ‘sexist’ View co-host Joy Behar