CCW Weekend: Robbery, Burglary, Theft, And Understanding When To Shoot In Defense Of Property

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Concealed Carry. AP photo.

These are levels of property crime and your response may land you in more trouble than the perp

Gang Literally Uses Monopoly Money To Scam Jewelers Out Of $9.9 Million

US | Elena Weissmann
Monopoly Money (urbanbuzz/

Toy cash was hidden between real euro notes.

Judge Allows Data Breach Class Action Against Coke To Proceed

Tech | Steve Ambrose

A data breach class action case against Coca-Cola is moving forward after a federal judge in Pennsylvania allowed the case to proceed.

Huffington Post Steals Content, Gets Banned By Reddit

DC Trawler | Derek Hunter
File photo of Arianna Huffington arriving for Glamour Magazine's "Women Of The Year" event in New York

Nice business model you have there

Nobody Wants To Steal Your Tesla

Business | Giuseppe Macri
A Tesla Model S electric car is shown for sale at a Tesla store in a shopping mall in La Jolla

Do car thieves know something we don’t?

Lindsay Lohan can't keep her sticky fingers off other people's jewelry - TheDC

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler

Whenever there is a jewelry theft in Los Angeles, Lohan is never too far away

Homeless man caught for 13 years of identity theft - TheDC

US | Kalyn McMackin

Perla Serrano, who appeared to be a woman, is actually a 51 year-old man

Drug fiends need Tide too: Laundry detergent becomes ghetto street currency - TheDC

US | Alex Myers

Retailers lose thousands as thieves blatantly loot stores

Leading Pennsylvania Democrat convicted of theft, conspiracy - TheDC

Politics | Alex Myers

‘I certainly feel I did nothing wrong,’ former House leader insists

Did a Portland couple shoplift $5 million worth of groceries? - TIME

| Steven Nelson (admin)

Safeway claims one sticky-fingered Oregon duo lifted everything from shampoo to DVDs over a span of many years

Lohan to be charged with grand theft over necklace - AP

Entertainment | admin

The actress is being charged for the theft of a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store last month

LiLo investigated for jewelry theft - AP

Entertainment | admin

Did “Mean Girl” Lindsay Lohan steal a necklace?

Bronx man arrested for 'stealing' his own car, suing NYPD - TheDC

| Alyssa Moody

Jamieson Prince of the Bronx was arrested for stealing his own car and now he’s suing NYPD

Man charged with stealing funeral urn - AP

| interns

A Connecticut man has been charged with stealing an urn containing his girlfriend’s grandmother’s ashes and tossing the remains into the woods

Ariz. police surround restaurant after gunfight - AP

| admin

Police in Chandler, Ariz. converge on Baja Fresh after exchanging gunfire with a man they described to be a robbery suspect

Man denied request to be deported to Mexico, steals car to improve chances - AP

US | admin

Idaho police: Man stole cop car to be deported

Putin opponent found guilty...again - AP

Business | admin

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, once Russia’s richest man, could be spending more time in jail

Bug man was a crafty con man - AP

| admin

Charles Trogdon was arrested for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of items and cash over the course of nearly 30 years

Seconds cost extra - AP

| admin

Cops: Delivery man IDs hungry robbery suspect