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FLASHBACK: Thomas Sowell says congressmen should be paid at least $1 million per year

Thomas Sowell

‘It’s not because those turkeys in Washington deserve it’

Conservative legend Thomas Sowell turns on Ted Cruz

Thomas Sowell/Ted Cruz

A leading tea party intellectual has turned against the tea party movement’s favorite senator

Thomas Sowell: 'Defund Obamacare' will actually help Obama

Thomas Sowell

‘Congressional Republicans have created the distraction that Obama so much needs’

Thomas Sowell: Paul Ryan's argument for immigration reform 'utter nonsense'


Economist smacks congressman’s argument for legislation based on labor shortages

Thomas Sowell examines intellectuals' damaging role in racial issues

Thomas Sowell

‘It is the mindless way of looking at things that is the danger’

Minimum wage responsible for black unemployment, Sowell says [VIDEO]

In the fourth quarter of 2012, the black unemployment rate was more than double the rate for whites

Jason Whitlock strikes again: Likens Thomas Sowell to a 'house negro'

Fox Sports columnist compares conservative commentator to ‘Django Unchained’ character

Thomas Sowell: 'Barack Obama is worse than Jimmy Carter' - TheDC

‘I don’t think Mitt Romney is going to be sparking riots against the American embassies around the world’

Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams: Public school system a bigger threat to blacks than the Klan - TheDC

‘We’ve reached the point where groups like the Ku Klux Klan can’t do very much to stop us. But our friends can do a lot to stop us’

An interview with Dr. Thomas Sowell - TheDC

Thomas Sowell returns to Uncommon Knowledge for a wide-ranging interview

Thomas Sowell warns GOP candidates may 'end up giving this election to Barack Obama' - TheDC

‘I hear others taking comfort in the notion that the bad economy will defeat Obama. It will not’

Thomas Sowell on Cain's ethnicity: 'He is certainly one of us, far more so than Barack Obama' - TheDC

Hoover Institution economist and scholar defends the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO and explains the origins of his conservatism

Thomas Sowell: Taxing the rich and government intervention in housing, energy doesn't work - TheDC

Hoover Institution economist explains how politically appealing economic policies can lead to higher costs, price controls and ultimately shortages

TheDC Interview: Walter E. Williams is up from the projects - TheDC

George Mason University economics professor and frequent Rush Limbaugh guest host Walter E. Williams tells his story of growing up in the projects

Thomas Sowell on America: 'Big government' will win - TheDC

Noted economist predicts no political will for government shutdown, questions country’s leadership

Christianity is not conservative

Christianity is plainly a socialist religion. The irresponsibility of the doctrines put forward by its Messiah put Che Guevara to shame.

Government gone wild

The coming collapse of the welfare state will expose our misplaced faith in government.

QE2 vs the Titanic

Trying to solve our economic problems with more stimulus is like the captain of the Titanic trying to solve his iceberg problems with more acceleration.

A closer walk with the godless right

The religious right and the secular right should work together to elect a conservative president in 2012.