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DC's Students Are Improving, But Not Fast Enough

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Charter options are thriving, and we should take every opportunity to encourage them.

Congressional Black Caucus Demands Thad Cochran Get More Progressive

Thad Cochran raises his arm with a supporter during an election night celebration in Jackson, Mississippi

Its wish list for the senator is just the latest in a series of missteps.

Rep. Clyburn Complains That Black GOP Senator Doesn't Vote His Color

Rep. James Clyburn waves before addressing final session of Democratic National Convention in Charlotte

Tim Scott ‘votes against the interest and aspirations of 95 percent of the black people in South Carolina’

Morning Mirror


Beware Of The Increasingly Lethal Selfie


Selfie sickness

Dem 'couldn't be happier' defending Obamacare, can't remember what he likes about it

‘Um… um…’

Watch real congressmen quote House of Cards [VIDEO]

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Is it better in real life?

BEDFORD: This is the future of the Republican Party

Cruz and Lee depart the Senate floor. 1200. Reuters/Jonathan Ernst.

Boehner and McConnell’s pale pastels

Greg Gutfeld: 'The scariest two words in a white liberal dictionary are Allen West'

‘If they see him walking down the street, they cross it and get fleeced by Al Sharpton’

See what Tim Scott thinks of the NAACP's insults

Demints Seat Scott.JPEG

‘I will honor the memory of Dr. King by being proactive in holding the door for others and serving my fellow man’

NC NAACP president: Sen. Tim Scott is a ventriloquist's dummy

South Carolina Senate Scott.JPEG

Scott is one of two African-Americans in the U.S. Senate

Well, Republicans officially lose

Budget Battle House Republicans

Harry Reid a ‘cold’ person, says Graves

Bipartisan coalition stops 'radical' Obama nominee in his tracks

Joe Manchin

‘Too much for even Harry Reid’s rubber-stamp Senate’

COULTER: Racism card looking a little dog-eared

People Coulter.JPEG

Do liberals have any arguments for their idiotic ideas besides calling their opponents racist?

Scott, Graham endorsements give boost to Sanford campaign

South Carolina Senate Scott.JPEG

Both of South Carolina’s senators, along with the governor, come through for Republican’s House campaign

Tim Scott on Sanford: 'I got nothing at this point'

Former Gov. Mark Sanford. William Thomas Cain/Getty Images.

Scandal-plagued Sanford is running for Sen. Scott’s vacated House seat

SC runoff: Bostic picks up Santorum, hopes disgraced gov blows lead

Former Sen. Rick Santorum gives the thumbs up. AP Images.

Winner of next week’s race will face Elizabeth Colbert Busch

The other guys: A guide to the South Carolina special election Republican primary - TheDC

South Carolina congressional candidate Mark Sanford gestures to reporters in 2009.

16 candidates are vying for the spotlight — and a shot at the US House

Tim Scott on Obama: ’80 percent of what he says we never see come to fruition’ [VIDEO] - TheDC


In his State of the Union address, Obama suggested Superstorm Sandy was the result of climate change

Best of Biden, swearing-in edition: 'Spread your legs -- you're going to be frisked' - TheDC

Sen. Christopher Murphy's baby also taking the oath of office.

From baby oaths to flirting with mom, the VP entertains