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Comcast, Time Warner Pay $132,000 To Honor FCC Commissioner Ahead Of Merger Approval

FCC Chairman Wheeler listens to Commissioner Clyburn testify before the House Communications and Technology panel on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘I think that the timing is curious’

Time Warner Turns Down $80 Billion Takeover Bid From Fox's Rupert Murdoch

‘The Time Warner board of directors declined to pursue our proposal’

Exposed Emails Show Close Relationship Between Comcast And Regulators

A Comcast sign is shown in San Francisco

Dinners and party invitations suggest cozy relationship between Comcast VP and DOJ attorney

Comcast's merger in perspective

A Comcast sign is shown in San Francisco

Breaking down the media hype over the industry’s big merger

CBS BLACKOUT: Time Warner subscribers left in the dark as NFL season looms

Jets Rams Football.JPEG

Free market groups say rules give CBS advantage

Google supports net neutrality, but not for itself

Google Shareholders

Google’s Google Fiber service makes the company both a service provider and content distributor, in direct conflict with principles it opposed through net neutrality

Time Warner beats Street in 4Q earnings - AP

Cast members Mark Williams (L), Jessie C

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1.” went on to sell nearly $950 million in box office tickets worldwide

Time Warner Cable subscribers lose MSG Networks - AP

Time Warner Cable truck

Time Warner Cable customers wake up New Year’s morning to find the sports channels missing

DOJ probes Verizon spectrum deal - Reuters


‘Both Verizon Wireless and AT&T have said they need more spectrum to support increased consumer demand’

Cable companies to resell Verizon Wireless service - AP


‘Cable companies Comcast Corp., Time Warner Cable Inc. and Bright House Networks said Friday that they have agreed to sell their wireless licenses — which they haven’t been using — to Verizon Wireless for $3.6 billion.’

Time Warner to launch TV app for iPad - LAT

Time Warner to introduce app to stream select TV channels like Fox News, MTV on iPad

Stephen King's 'The Stand' coming to the big screen - Hollywood Reporter

Warner Bros. and CBS Films are teaming to adapt Stephen King’s highly-acclaimed novel ‘The Stand’

The FCC risks over-conditioning the Comcast-NBCU merger

FCC commissioners should be aware of the limits of their ability to predict future marketplace developments.

Top 10 Silly Christiane Amanpour Moments of 2010 - TheDC

A look at the ‘This Week’ host’s highlights over the past year

Former DeLay aide finds himself in limbo after old boss's conviction - TheDC

For Tim Berry, a top Republican lobbyist for Time Warner, the timing couldn’t have been worse

Netflix stock leaves producers of its content in the dust - CSM

Companies who create the movies and television shows that Netflix profits from are grumbling about the success of Netflix stock

Cable TV revenue gives rise to media profits - NYT

MySpace, however, continues to be a drag on News Corporation’s earnings

Cable companies earn more from fewer customers - Forbes

Time Warner Cable and Cablevision Systems both grew profits despite losing subscribers in the third quarter

Reid raises just $2 million in last fundraising quarter - CNN

Challenger Sharron Angle raised over $14 million in the same period, leaving both candidates with the same amount of money in the bank

Alex Sink's support caves in Florida - CNN

Despite holding a modest lead just a few weeks ago, Florida’s Democratic candidate for governor is now trailing Republican Rick Scott by six points