E-Cig Policy Is A Much-Needed Step In The Right Direction

op-ed | Jesse Hathaway
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It should never be discouraged as an alternative to smoking and has relatively few health risks

Federal Judge Rules Against Anti-Tobacco Groups In Fight Over Vapes And Cigars

Daily Vaper | Carl V. Phillips
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Says they are NOT stakeholders

E-Cigarette Regulation Isn't Keeping Pace Pace With Technology

Opinion | Carrie Wade
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People are preventing harm to themselves by switching form vaping to smoking. So why is government trying to stop them?

A World Without Tobacco Sounds Good, Until You Consider The Consequences

Opinion | Drew Johnson
Farm workers harvest tobacco leaves at a farm ahead of the tobacco selling season in Harare March 3, 2015. REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo

Global bureaucrats don’t understand how many people in developing nations depend on tobacco farming.

How Trump Can Light The Way For The E-Cigarette Industry

Daily Vaper | Jan Verleur
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It’s a new, innovative industry and that cannot afford to backpedal on standards.

Bully Tactics: The FDA Just Went Out Of Bounds

Opinion | John Pullo

Tobacco regulations don’t seem to take into account the fact that people enjoy smoking.

High Taxes And Plain Packaging Fund North Korean Nukes And Terrorists

Opinion | Philip Thompson

Market interventions have unintended consequences.

Trump Should Keep The FDA From Regulating Cigars

Opinion | Theodore J. King
Cuban cigars for sale are displayed at a hotel in Havana, Cuba

The livelihood of small cigar vendors could depend on it.

Governments Are Banning A Product That Could Save Millions Of Lives

Daily Vaper | Lekshmi Nair
Jason Fourmont (R) exhales vapor from his e-cigarette before attending a city council meeting that will address the legality of indoor use of the device in New York December 19, 2013. The New York City Council on Thursday will vote on a bill that would add electronic cigarettes to the city's strict smoking ban. E-cigarettes are slim, reusable metal tubes that contain nicotine-laced liquid in a variety of exotic flavors such as bubble gum and bacon. As a "smoker" puffs on the device, the nicotine is heated and releases a vapor that, unlike cigarette smoke, contains no tar, which is known to cause cancer and other diseases. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

The WHO and a number of countries are frantically regulating and even banning e-cigarettes.

The Media's Uncritical Approach To E-Cigarettes Harms Public Health

Daily Vaper | Guy Bentley
Ilona Orshansky, owner of Brooklyn Vaper, uses a vaporizer, also known as an e-cigarette, in her shop in Brooklyn

The media needs to stop taking government-funded research at face value.

Ban The Smoking Ban

Opinion | Paul H. Yarbrough

Obama’s smoking ban in public housing is another Washington overreach.

More Americans Use Prescription Painkillers Than Tobacco

US | Steve Birr
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‘Problem because of its prevalence’

UN Efforts To Reduce Tobacco Cultivation Strikes Fear In Zambian Farmers

World | Drew Johnson
Farm workers harvest tobacco leaves at a farm ahead of the tobacco selling season in Harare March 3, 2015. REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo

‘To stop us from growing tobacco would be the same as just to kill us’

Reporters Banned From Global Anti-Tobacco Conference

World | Drew Johnson
Lucky Strike cigarettes are seen during the manufacturing process in the British American Tobacco Cigarette Factory (BAT) in Bayreuth, southern Germany, April 30, 2014. REUTERS/Michaela Rehle/File Photo

‘Every citizen should be concerned about what the WHO is up to’

Fights Over Tobacco Tax Hikes Heat Up Across US

Daily Vaper | Steve Birr
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North Dakota’s largest single tax increase in history

A 400 Percent Tobacco Tax Hike Could Hit North Dakota

US | Steve Birr
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‘The largest such tax increase in North Dakota history’

This Study Is The Last Thing Anti-E-Cig Crusaders Want To See

US | Craig Boudreau
E-cig and cigarette butts

‘Our findings suggest that … ‘

Why Deleting The FDA's Ban Of E-Cigarette Flavors Is Good For Public Health

Daily Vaper | Edward Anselm
E-Cigarette-Electronic Cigarette-E-Cigs-E-Liquid-Vaping-Cloud Chasing

Adult smokers could benefit from flavors in e-cigarettes.

Raising The Smoking Age To 21 Is A Terrible Idea

Opinion | Thomas Savidge
Cigarettes (Shutterstock/Gang Liu)

California has raised the smoking age from 18 to 21, and jurisdictions around the country are following suit.

Why WHO Is Wrong About Plain Packaging

Opinion | Lorenzo Montanari
WHO Urges Smokers To Quit On World No Tobacco Day

This is not a defense of tobacco, unhealthy food, alcohol, or toys, it is a call to action in upholding property rights.