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The Media Hysteria Over Net Neutrality Is Actually Hilarious

Video | Amber Athey
Sorry not sorry

Jim Acosta Gets Testy On The White House Press Briefing Floor On 'Today In Media'

Video | Julia Nista

Today In Media: CNN Gives Trump Diet Advice Instead Of Covering A Terror Attack

Video | Daily Caller Productions
You never see skinny people drinking Diet Coke

'Today In Media' Covers A Guardian Writer's Absolutely Insane Comparison To 9/11

Video | Amber Athey
We were speechless

ABC's Egregious Reporting Error Caused A Big Dip In The Stock Market On 'Today In Media'

Politics | Julia Nista
Epic fail

Sarah Sanders' Pie Looks Delicious And We Should All Leave Her Alone

Video | Amber Athey

No, Trump Is Not To Blame For The Assault On Rand Paul

Video | Amber Athey
Despite The New Yorker

USA Today Thinks You Can Put A Chainsaw On A Gun--This Is Why We Don't Trust Them

Media | Amber Athey

Joy Reid Wants To Know How NRA Members Sleep At Night? Just Fine, Thank You

Media | Amber Athey

We Said 'Radical Islamic Terror' Dozens Of Times In This Video -- Why Can't The Rest Of The Media?

Opinion | Amber Athey

Brian Fallon Should Apologize For His Tasteless Smear Of Ed Gillespie

Opinion | Amber Athey
This is unreal

'Today In Media' - The Media's Gaffe On Gold Star Families

Video | Julia Nista

Hugh Hefner Is Partially Responsible For Hollywood's Awful Sexual Culture

Opinion | Amber Athey
'It's disgusting'

Journalists Take Aim At Gun Owners, And The Results Are Crazy

Media | Will Ricciardella
Who wins the most insane comment?

Vegas Shooting: Is There A White Guy Ideology Only The Mainstream Media Seems To Know About?

US | Amber Athey

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