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Here Was 2017's Most Wasteful Use Of Taxpayer Dollars

US | Ethan Barton
Who won the Tournament of Government Waste?

DeMint On Constitutional Convention: 'Our Founders Knew This Day Would Come'

Politics | Peter Hasson and Amanda Tidwell
'What motivates the grassroots activists is a big fight'

Special Ops Looks To Deliver On Its 'Iron Man' Suit

US | Eric Lieberman
'We are putting a human inside of a robot'

'If The Republicans Really Want To Lose Congress, Just Do This'

Politics | Kathryn Watson
'The tone-deafness of this is amazing'

Fed Tax Dollars Spent On Train Without Railroad Track And Streetcar That No One Wants To Ride

Politics | Luke Rosiak
'Shovel-ready' streetcar seats 65, only used by dozen, mostly homeless riders

IRS Spent $11 Million Of Taxpayer Money On Guns

US | Thomas Phippen
"What exactly is the Obama administration up to?"

Former Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn Says He Won't Run Third Party

Politics | Alex Pappas
'I am not in that race and won't be'

Anti-Trump Activists Still Searching For Third Party Candidate

Elections | Alex Pappas
'There are multiple possibilities remaining'

Inside The Conservative Effort To Woo A Third Party Challenger

Elections | Alex Pappas
No potential candidates have publicly expressed interest

Trump To GOP Establishment: Don't Be 'Stupid' And Try To Run A Third Party Challenger

Elections | Steve Guest
'You might as well just hand the election to Hillary Clinton'

Here's Why It's All But Impossible To Fire A Fed

US | Kathryn Watson
Thank to overlapping layers of bureaucracy, extremely complicated human resource management regulations, well-funded and politically powerful government unions, and multiple incentives against firing anyone, taxpayers are saddled with a bloated government workforce that is inefficient and costly.

Former Sen. Coburn Accuses Trump Of 'Perpetuating A Fraud On The American People'

Elections | Alex Pappas
Conservative endorses Marco Rubio

Here's 11.9 Billion Good Reasons The Feds Are Bad At Managing National Parks

Energy | Andrew Follett
'The total backlog among all land-management agencies is around $20 billion'

Taxpayers Funded 'Bizarre Quasi-Communist' San Francisco Mime Troupe

Politics | Kathryn Watson
'We cannot neglect the billions in wasteful, inefficient, and just plain unnecessary spending through the federal government.'

BURNING MONEY: Congressman Publishes 10 Most Atrocious Examples Of Government Waste

Politics | Casey Harper
Video games, parties and melting walls

Obama's Tax Plan Is Not Simple

Opinion | Chris Edwards
The president promised us “middle-class economics,” but his tax plan is more like H&R Block economics.

Let's Be Careful When Shouting Cronyism: TRIA Is Good Policy

Opinion | Jerry Rogers
The CBO scored the bill as costing taxpayers exactly zero dollars.

Federal Spending On Disasters Soaring Because Of Outdated FEMA Rules

US | Rachel Stoltzfoos
'Simply unsustainable'

Tom Coburn: I'm 'Proud' America Elected Obama President, 'He's A Neat Man'

Politics | Al Weaver
'I just love him as a man'

Harry Reid Let Terrorism Insurance Die

Politics | Rachel Stoltzfoos
'We are incredibly disappointed in Congress'

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