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Obama's Ag Secretary Endorses Trump's Pick For Farm Agency

US | Thomas Phippen
A Democrat endorses a former Democrat

Obama Agriculture Secretary's Hasty Departure Raises Ethics Issues

Politics | Ethan Barton
'The abrupt timing of Vilsack's departure raises questions about potential conflicts of interest'

Got Milk? Obama's Agriculture Secretary Gets Dairy Export Job As Term Ends

Politics | Thomas Phippen
'Puts the incoming secretary in a tough spot'

Agriculture Secretary First Of Obama's Cabinet To Leave Town

Politics | Thomas Phippen
The exodus begins

Obama Blames The Media For Not Telling Rural Americans How Awesome He Is

Politics | Michael Bastasch
'You just wouldn't know that'

Agriculture Secretary: Trump Can't Make America Fat Again

US | Thomas Phippen
Fact check: America is already fat

New Rule: Stores Accepting Food Stamps Have To Sell A Lot More Healthy Food

US | Thomas Phippen
Don't worry, you can still buy chips and soda with food stamps

Govt Spent $39.6 Million Making Jet Fuel From Trees

US | Thomas Phippen
Planes are powered by wood now

Another Top Obama Appointee Caught Using A Secret Email Account

Politics | Michael Bastasch
Top Obama officials have been using secret emails for years

What This Email Suggests About The Obama Administration Is Terrifying

Elections | Michael Bastasch

Democrats: Letting People Use Food Stamps Online Will Help Avoid 'Health Crisis'

US | Thomas Phippen
'It is imperative for the economic future and the health of all Americans'

For Which Party Should Farmers And Rural Voters Vote?

Opinion | Seton Motley
Republicans aren't the best friends of farmers, but Democrats seem to be their sworn enemies.

US Government Buys $20 Million Of Cheese

US | Thomas Phippen
Imagine 11 MILLION POUNDS of cheese

Department Of Agriculture Celebrates Lesbian Farmers At Third-Rate Iowa Law School

Education | Eric Owens
'A community in rural America that needs help'

Clinton Farms Rural Voters With Promises of Government Relief

Politics | Thomas Phippen
'We have to remind them of what government means'

Dairy Farmers Want Govt To Buy $150 Million Worth Of Cheese

US | Thomas Phippen
'90 million pounds of cheese'

Dairy Farmers Say $11 Million From USDA Not Enough To Survive

Business | Thomas Phippen
'If the Department spent $50 million...'

Senate Worried USDA's 'Nutritious Food' Push Actually Hurts People On Food Stamps

US | Thomas Phippen
'The exact opposite of what was intended'

On Biomass Energy, Green Activists Miss The Forest For The Trees

Opinion | Drew Johnson
When wood pellets are used for energy, the released carbon is almost completely reabsorbed by trees.

Congress Asks USDA To Bail Out Dairy Industry

US | Thomas Phippen
'The nation's cheese stocks were recorded at their highest level since the data was first recorded in 1917'

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