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What is the USDA doing spending $6 million for climate change studies?

U.S. President Barack Obama talks after he tours a drought ridden corn farm in Missouri Valley, Iowa

‘Every day, farmers and ranchers see the impact that changes in climate patterns have’

White House pushes 'wooden skyscrapers' as a solution to global warming

Workers install a roof on a multi-family building in Broomfield
'Wood may be one of the world's oldest building materials, but it is now also one of the most advanced'

This government committee no one knows about decides what you should and should not eat

Russia's President Medvedev and U.S. President Obama eat their hamburgers during lunch at Ray's Hell Burger in Arlington

‘It is a masquerade to say this is about nutrition policy. This is really a way to advance another radical agenda’

White House hands down new restrictions on unhealthy food in schools

First lady Michele Obama applauds

Michelle Obama: ‘Our classrooms should be healthy places where kids aren’t bombarded with ads for junk food’

Beijing delays GMO corn approval, stalling global agricultural innovation

Food and Farm Agriculture Exports.JPEG

‘It’s time to tear down the Great Wall of regulatory harassment.’

Agriculture Sec. also used a secret email account - TheDCNF

Tom Vilsack

Vilsack communicated with EPA alter-ego Richard Windsor

With non-citizens on food stamps, senator wants answers

Jeff Sessions

Sessions presses USDA for info on non-citizen food stamp use, participation rates

Vilsack will not run for open Senate seat in Iowa in 2014 - TheDC

Tom Vilsack

Obama’s popular Secretary of Agriculture will not replace Tom Harkin

USDA met 30 times with Mexican gov't to promote food-stamp use among immigrants - TheDC

Food Stamp Nutritional Assistance

About 1.63 million non-citizens living legally in the US collect food-stamp benefits

Vilsack answers school lunch uproar with snack solution - TheDC

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack

Agriculture Secretary: ‘It’s not surprising that some youngsters will, in the middle of the day, be hungry’

Does agriculture secretary's memo on GOP budget violate Hatch Act? - TheDC

Tom Vilsack

The Hatch Act bans campaign activity by federal employees

US to unveil new forest rules - AP

forest land

The forest planning rule will encourage forest restoration and watershed protection

Broadband company's demise puts taxpayers on hook for $74 million loan - The Washington Post

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack

Agencies that oversaw the venture defended their roles

Shirley Sherrod sues Andrew Breitbart over infamous USDA video clip - TheDC

Breitbart defiantly dismisses the suit as ‘transparent effort to chill his constitutionally protected free speech’

Government's job-killing broadband stimulus

There’s no reason for the government to be in the broadband business.

Farmers call for spending cuts, can't agree where - AP

The nation’s biggest farm lobbying group supports a balanced budget. Just don’t ask its members where the government should trim agriculture spending

TheDC Morning: Gibbs crows about power of big government, gets facts completely wrong - TheDC

Read TheDC Morning: An unvarnished e-mail summary of what’s really happening in political news

GIPSA chief is finger lickin' bad

J. Dudley Butler, an Obama administration appointee, is using his position to enrich himself.

Vilsack's 'boondoggle' of a plan - TheDC

The Obama administration’s plan for renewable fuel standards will do little to help America’s problem with greenhouse gas emissions

E-Mail account reveals USDA reaction to Sherrod video - AP

Department acted swiftly to remove Shirley Sherrod, against her protests; tried to let story die quickly