'Tonight Show' Drummer: Calling Rioters 'Thugs' Is Code For 'N***ers'

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Questlove is not happy with Baltimore’s mayor

This Is What Morgan Freeman Sounds Like On Helium

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‘It’s very undignified’

Watch Stephen Colbert shower Jimmy Fallon with pennies

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‘Welcome to the 11:30, b**ch!’

Aw, RATS! Jay Leno sued over bestiality joke

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Woman sues over being accused of having sex with pet rat

Watch the anti-Keystone XL ad that not even NBC would air

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And why NBC said no

Meghan McCain on Glenn Beck: My dad 'could definitely kick his ass' - NBC

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Meghan McCain visits the Tonight Show, says she won’t become a victim of any man

Howard Stern loves America, not Jay Leno - TheDC

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Shock jock praises politicians, military, but calls NBC’s ‘Tonight Show’ host ‘not fit to scrub David Letterman’s feet’

The Tonight Show highlights the 'movies that really made them cry' - TheDC

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See some of the famous faces that have cried and what movies made them do it

O'Donnell doing the Tonight Show with Jay Leno - TheDC

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‘Heading to LA to do the Tonight Show on Wed,’ O’Donnell, the former Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in Delaware, wrote on Twitter

Johnny Carson’s online presence gets a boost - NYT

Entertainment | Julia McClatchy (admin)

Nearly two decades later, that gag and more than 3,500 hours of Carson’s ‘Tonight Show’ have been preserved digitally and will begin making their way onto the Web

Palin palms a few Tonight Show laughs - E! Online

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Palin took the stage last night with the words “Good evening and welcome to the tonight show” printed on her hand

Leno's bandleader will leave 'Tonight Show' - New York Times

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Kevin Eubanks, the longtime bandleader for Jay Leno, is leaving that partnership. Mr. Eubanks has told colleagues on the show that he will definitely leave his post as leader of what will be a reconstituted “Tonight Show” band

Conan will leave Tonight for $50 million

Entertainment | AJ

The American television network, NBC, has reached a deal with Tonight Show host Conan O’Brien for him leave the program so Jay Leno can return as the host. The deal will pay O’Brien and his staff around $50 million to leave the late-night comedy show