Deposition of former BP CEO reveals new insensitivity to rig explosion - TheDC

US | Alec Jacobs

Tony Hayward could only name one of 11 killed in accident ‘traced back to … a failure of management’

'I'm not a witch' picked as top quote of year - AP

US | admin

Sarah Palin’s tweet: ‘Don’t retreat. Instead — reload!’ also made the list

Money, power and greed: Reality TV

Opinion | Bill Regardie

Imagine a reality TV show starring BP’s Tony Hayward, Tyco’s Dennis Koslowski, and Enron’s Bernie Ebbers and Jeff Skilling.

Joe Barton: I was the Tea Party before Tea Party was cool - TheDC

Energy | Alexis Levinson

The Texas Republican, despite serving his 25th year in Congress, insists his values are in line with Tea Party priorities

BP's new CEO creates unit to enforce safety - AP

Business | admin

Bob Dudley took the steps Wednesday to start work on repairing the company’s battered reputation, two days before officially replacing Tony Hayward

'Nightmare well' is dead, but Gulf challenges live on - AP

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Federal officials declared Sunday that the well where the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded had finally been killed. Workers drilled a relief well into the damaged one and drove a cement stake deep into its oily, black heart

Hayward defends tenure, BP's spill response - WSJ

US | Chad Brady (admin)

In his first interview after agreeing to step down, Mr. Hayward said he did everything possible once the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded

British PM embroiled in diplomatic rows - AP

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In just a few days, new Prime Minister David Cameron has openly declared Britain is no more than the “junior partner” of the U.S., irritated Israelis by calling Gaza a prison camp and enraged Pakistanis by suggesting their country exports terrorism

Why Robert Dudley's BP could be even riskier - Businessweek

Business | interns

New CEO plans to adopt high-risk strategy that turned Hayward into a pariah

Gulf Coast to Hayward: You have your life back now! - Reuters

US | interns

To many Gulf Coast residents, five words doomed BP Plc’s outgoing chief executive Tony Hayward: ‘I’d like my life back’

The BP oil spill's damage appears to be exaggerated - Time

US | Pat McMahon

While the Gulf spill is the biggest oil disaster in American history, the impact looks to be overstated thus far

Dems: GOP equals far right Tea Party candidates - TheDC

Politics | Jon Ward

DNC Chairman Tim Kaine said Wednesday that ‘the positions espoused by the Tea Party [are] the governing platform of the Republican party’

BP names American Bob Dudley CEO, loses $17 billion - AP

Business | admin

Dudley will become CEO on Oct. 1 and try to salvage the company’s reputation and investments in the United States

Dudley set to succeed Hayward at BP - WSJ

Business | interns

BP board to discuss Hayward’s departure and replacement by Managing Director Robert Dudley; new appointee would be first American at top of the oil company

Tony Hayward to step down as CEO of BP - Telegraph

World | Pat McMahon

Moves comes amid criticism over the Gulf oil spill and the company’s handling of the disaster

BP boss Hayward prepares to quit over Gulf oil spill - NY Post

US | Chad Brady (admin)

Sources close to BP said there was a growing expectation that Hayward, 53, would announce his departure in late August or September

Senators look for smoking gun in BP-Lockerbie link - AP

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Soon after al-Megrahi’s release last year, BP acknowledged that it urged the British government to sign a prisoner transfer agreement

For BP, money trumps safety - WSJ

Business | interns

Despite Hayward’s claims to the contrary, BP minimized costs at the expense of safety improvement

Rubio: 'I'm running against two Democrats' - TheDC

Politics | The Daily Caller

Crist seeks donations from Democrats as Rubio slams him and Obama for their poor oil spill responses

S.E. Cupp’s Diary: Keeping it real, West Coast-style

Opinion | S.E. Cupp

When “work” means sitting around a table with Susie Essman, Rich Eisen, Dave Foley and Jo Koy, talking about whether sex is the ultimate consolation or if Koreans really do eat dog, as Larry David asserts in the series, I’m not sure we shouldn’t redefine the concept of “a job”