'SO MANY THREATS'--GOP Rep. Discontinues Town Halls In Light Of Increased Threats Against Lawmakers

Politics | Amber Athey
Kay Granger (Getty Images)

‘It’s a situation that’s not healthy’

Getting Dangerous: Man Gets Physical With GOP Congressman At Town Hall

Politics | Derek Hunter

CNN anchor rationalizes the assault.

Angry Constituents Yell 'Shame' At MacArthur For Talking About His Dead Daughter

Politics | Amber Athey

‘We’ve heard this story before!’

Gotcha! School Kid Ambushes Trudeau

Video | David Krayden

‘Why did your dad give everyone in Western Canada the middle finger?’

Town Hall Trudeau Critic Harassed Online

World | David Krayden

‘…I was afraid to go out of my house.’

For Sale: Hillary On Taking $675,000 From Goldman Sachs, 'That's What They Offered'

Elections | Derek Hunter

Clinton stumbles explaining why she was paid so much for speeches to ‘big banks’

DNC Backs Presidential Town Hall Hosted By #BlackLivesMatter Protesters

Politics | Derek Hunter
Black lives matter sticker (Getty Images/Centre Daily Times)

‘Anti-police’ group granted forum by Democrats

Trump Hits Back: Rebuffs Calls To Apologize For Questioner's Comments

Elections | Derek Hunter

Says there’s “no chance” Obama would defend him from similar comments

Town Hall Question To Trump: When Can We Get Rid Of Muslims?

Politics | Heather Hunter

‘They want to kill us’